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  • Zenith Plus
Zenith Plus
Zenith Plus is made of robust aluminium die cast designed with remarkable weather performance to light up the outdoors.

1. It is a Versatile outdoor product with an excellent quality of light.
2. It has LED Lenses that offers wide light distribution from higher positions
3.It provides innovative lighting environment with high efficiency and long life.
4. It has a wide beam angle of 90 Degree

Product Code CCT Lumen Other Information
  • 50W
    FWZP050C0833 5700K 5000 IP65
  • 50W
    FWZP050W0834 3000K 4500 IP65
  • 100W
    FWZP100C0835 5700K 10000 IP65
  • 100W
    FWZP100W0836 3000K 9000 IP65
  • 120W
    FWZP120C0839 5700K 12000 IP65
  • 120W
    FWZP120W0840 3000K 10800 IP65
  • 150W
    FWZP150C0841 5700K 15000 IP65
  • 150W
    FWZP150W0842 3000K 13500 IP65
  • 50W
    FWZP050C0833 5700K 5000
  • 50W
    FWZP050W0834 3000K 4500
  • 100W
    FWZP100C0835 5700K 10000
  • 100W
    FWZP100W0836 3000K 9000
  • 120W
    FWZP120C0839 5700K 12000
  • 120W
    FWZP120W0840 3000K 10800
  • 150W
    FWZP150C0841 5700K 15000
  • 150W
    FWZP150W0842 3000K 13500
Magik Promises

Magik believes in adding value to the world through its energy efficient lighting, making the planet healthier and more sustainable with our solutions that contribute to social as well as ecological well-being.



    Each light source is tested for its luminous intensity and uniformity across a solid angle that consumes the least energy.

  • Consumer Safety

    Consumer Safety

    Our products adhere to BIS safety norms, ensuring protection against electric shock and resistance to heat and flames.

  • 2 years replacement warranty

    2 years replacement warranty

    Our products are covered with a replacement warranty of 2 years; 1 year for Bulbs & Battens. *Terms & Conditions apply

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