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LED Tube Lights for Home

with their amazing properties are known as hassle-free lights. Unlike fluorescents, LED tube lights are flicker free, energy efficient and maintenance free. To fit different applications, they are available in various sizes, being a perfect retrofit for you.

Magik LED Tube Lights

Magik LED tube lights for home are high-quality and low-cost products that lighten up your home and office spaces. With 10 times longer life-span than traditional light bulbs, LED tube lights are the way to go. Research indicates that Magik LED tube light is a sustainable, efficient, low-maintenance, and reliable lighting solution. Listed as a form of green technology, LED is an affordable energy-saving option.

Our collection of tube lights has varying styles and options for your use. You can customise your LED as it comes in varying degrees of colours, brightness, length, and tones. With an easier way of lighting up your life more brightly and colourfully handy, why choose toxic and insufficient lighting systems that eat up your money as well as time? Illuminate your home and office with LED that will not fail you and will be worth its weight in the coming years!

We are confident that our LED tube lights for home are sustainable and energy-efficient lighting sources for you.

Options in Magik LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights for home optimize your house's energy efficiency and highlight your spaces beautifully. You can get very creative with the varying choices in tone, brightness, and design which these LED Tube Lights come in. With sophisticated engineering ideas driving LED development, LED Tube Lights are now available in various shapes and styles. Magik Lights have the option of two different LED Tube Lights, they include:

Ultima Line


Ultima Square Colour


Maximo Prime batten

  • AVAILABLE IN 24W, 30W & 35W

Magik LED Solutions

We are a leading LED tube lights for home manufacturers and providers. Along with LED tube lights, we also produce various other styles and types of LED lights. It is our mission to aid and encourage the large-scale switching from traditional light bulbs to LED lights. Magik LED solutions provide clients with effective and long-term lighting solutions with in-house manufacturing, marketing, and monitoring units.

We are a trusted brand within the market as we have worked tirelessly towards the widespread distribution of LED lights. Our products are reliable and high-quality, developed to deliver sustainable and low-cost lighting solutions for you.

LED: A non-sustainable march towards progress

LED is a small, solid bulb that consumes lesser power and energy than a traditional bulb such as an incandescent or halogen light. With the increasing adverse repercussions of climate change, effective responses to energy conversations have become paramount.

The structural construction of LED deems it a more sustainable and long-term solution in place of our traditional lighting systems. Where an incandescent bulb converts 90% of the energy that powers it into heat, an LED light consumes 80% less energy than its counterpart. This means that LEDs can save up to 80% of your household's energy or any commercial space. Due to a well-built thermal management system, LEDs also produce less heat than traditional bulbs. Your LED will not burn out on you or emit harmful radiations into your space.

Yes, not only does LED eliminate excessive electricity bills and improve your household savings, but it also regulates carbon dioxide emission. With no lead or mercury utilised in its production, LED is non-toxic even after it has completed its life cycle. No doubt that LED is considered an important step towards countering climate change.

Advantages of Magik LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights are sustainable and low-cost energy sources. With no flickering, or extreme heating up, MAGIK LED does what a tube light is supposed to do. It lights up quickly and leaves no spot damages that occur due to higher and elongated usage periods. The temperature regulation of LED tube lights makes it all the more attractive for all weather types.

You can also innovatively place LEDs (luminaire) to accentuate the decor and design of your working space. Our LED tube lights provide a smart and easy light management solution. You can upgrade the aesthetic of your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and spaces within your office with LED. Additionally, you can also regulate the mood and tone of your lighting system. As per your need, choose cool or warm tones for enhanced visual capacity, vibes, luminosity, and productivity.

Please use the resources provided on our website for finding the right solution and usage of LED lights. You can find various LED tube lights on our website. Let us know your preferences and order by giving us a call!

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