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Magik LED Outdoor Solutions bring to you reliable, high-quality, energy-efficient, and low-cost lighting systems. We provide you with a wide variety of outdoor LED lighting applications and choices. According to your needs, you can opt for LED streetlights, floodlights, and bulkheads. Each of these LED lights performs unique roles in lighting up your environment. With Magik LED Lighting Solutions, you can maximise your energy and money savings. Please have a look at our products to make your choice. You can also utilize the resources on our website for a clear outlook towards outdoor LED lighting solutions. 


There are three major sections that are essential to the outdoor LED lighting solutions and they include the following:  


Street Lights


Street lights are one of the most important outdoor LED lighting requirements. Our options which contain Solis, Orion and Steller are all tested for the outdoor conditions subject to a hard environment. The build of these lights makes them durable and they are ideal for the purpose because of their illumination intensity.  


LED Bulkheads


LED bulkheads are named after the bulkhead fittings which connect the light to the surface it is being mounted on. However in this case the LED Bulkhead lights provided by the Magik Lights- “Arena” are a well enclosed and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. It adds a warm and welcoming glow to our outdoors especially to the lawns driveway and the back.  


LED Floodlights


Floodlights are broadbeam lights which have a high intensity and a high area coverage. These are used to illuminate larger areas. The LED floodlights are the most recent upgrade which are more luminous and less power consuming. The options provided include Zenith Plus, Vulcan, Atlantis and Aerial. These lights are IP65 tested and they have a long life. These lights provide illumination over a wider area and these look very beautiful in the vicinity of a pool or an artificial waterfall.  


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Magik LED Solutions


We are a leading provider and manufacturer of LED lights. We aim to provide effective and long-term lighting solutions to our clients and customers. LEDs have rapidly developed as smart solutions to the inefficient traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights.


Magik provides various types and styles of LEDs. With in-house manufacturing, marketing, and monitoring, we ensure the high-quality, and effectiveness of our products. All our products abide by BIS protocols and ensure safety and shock-resistant features. We also promise a 2 year warranty on our products. With the wide range of LEDs that we provide, we are certain to have the lighting solution you are looking for. Please contact us for more information on our products and services.

LED lights: An Innovative Solution


The world is undergoing an energy crisis. The drastic changes brought in by climate change have jump-started the movement towards cleaner and greener sources of energy. Additionally, with worldwide energy consumption at its highest, newer and effective sources of energy have come into the market. LED is one such green technology that is an effective solution to countering the magnitude of the energy crisis and climate change.


LED has a ten times longer lifespan than its traditional lighting counterparts such as halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs. These traditional lights burn through energy and electricity faster and convert 90% of the energy that powers them into heat and harmful radiations. This heat in turn causes the lights to deteriorate at a faster pace. Previously, with the widespread use of conventional lighting systems, there was also more energy and power wastage. Not only that, but the mercury and lead from broken and discarded traditional lights caused lasting damages to the environment.  


Through LEDs, we have found a way to avoid this unnecessary wastage. LED is constructed with a smart inbuilt thermal management system with a heat sink. This leads to regulation of heat dissipation from LED which does not transmit carbon dioxide and other harmful radiations into the environment. This also does not heat the light which gives it a longer lasting cycle than any other traditional lighting. 


New and innovative ways of working with LED keep evolving the possibilities of LED lighting systems. Thus, LED is a far more efficient, safer, and sustainable lighting option for your utility savings and environment. Make the switch to cleaner energy today and reduce your carbon footprint by tonnes each year. 


Benefits of opting for Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions by Magik Lights


LEDs are more versatile and compact than your traditional sources of light. It is easier to manipulate and play around with LEDs. You can choose from a wide beam or narrow beam angle of the LED to enhance the visibility of a wider region or narrow space respectively.  


Make use of Magik LED floodlights in case you want greater area coverage. With a higher quality of luminosity, Magik LED bulkheads also make for elegant lighting decor for your garden and backyard. Magik LED streetlights are also highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. They’re the perfect solutions for outdoor LED lighting such as streetlights that demand elongated working hours, unpredictable weather conditions, and even automatic operations. The controlling systems for LEDs are also an attractive feature. You can control the tone, colours, intensity, operation and more of LEDs at your discretion. With unlimited application potential, Magik LED outdoor solution is an effective, affordable, and sustainable lighting system for you.  


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