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LED Down lights

have a higher illumination capacity and are energy efficient in nature. They are manufactured to spread the light to a wider angle hence it reaches far distant places and can illuminate larger spaces. High Quality LED downlights are known for their fine finish and appealing design.

MAGIK LED Downlights

MAGIK is a LED Downlights manufacturer that is reliable, high-quality and low-cost products. We take utmost care to bring to you LEDs that will sustain themselves for longer periods of time and benefit you in every way possible. Our in-house manufacturing, marketing, and monitoring units assure you of excellent lighting solutions.

We believe LED is the future for light energy. As a more feasible and long-term plan, LED saves you more energy, power, and money. The installation of LED downlights is a one-time investment in a safe and secure future. You will not have to deal with any excessive repair, reinstallation, and replacement wastage with LED.

Moreover, our products are put through rigorous testing and inspections to ensure maximum efficiency and work performance. We also comply with BIS protocols, and all our products are safe, secure, and shock-resistant. We also provide a 2-year warranty on our products, and we are sure that you will not look back after choosing our LED lights.

Our wide selection of LED downlights online includes options like:


Sheen is a downlight which offers a power factor of more than 0.9. The LED Downlight apart from being power efficient provides light which is shadowless and of even brightness. The product is easy to install and offers light in the CCT of 3000K, 4000K and 6500K.

Aura Slim

These lights provide a very slim option for downlights. The Aura Slim LED downlights provide a very slim design which is still robust due to its encasing. The LED downlight is lightweight and provides 100 lumen per watt. The Aura Slim is available in 6W, 12W, 18W and 24W.

Aura Slim Plus RD

Aura Slim Plus RD stands for Aura Slim Plus Round. This LED downlight provides 100 lumens/W in both 3000K and 6500K. The light is available in variants of 8W, 12W, 15W, and 22W. It has a fall protection clamp which ensures its safety.

Aura Slim Plus SQ

This is Aura Slim Plus in square shape. The light provides much sharper aesthetics and similar protection features as the Aura Slim Plus RD. The Aura Slim Plus SQ provides the same lumen output per watt and it is also available in 8W, 12W, 15W, and 22W variants.


Jade LED downlights are available in 3W and 6W variants and these offer long operating life. These downlights are ideal for interior solutions and they provide optimal glow. The light does not require maintenance and also reduces energy consumption thus reducing the overall operating cost.


Azure is the amalgamation of panel light design and the downlight illumination. They are available in round and square shapes. These lights are extremely thin and thus add on to the aesthetics. they come in a combo panel which ensures easy fit. The lights have 4 different wattage variants and they provide high efficacy.


As the name suggests, it is a combination of two lights and the main source is of 5W, 6500K and the ring contains the secondary source which is of 3W and comes in 5 different colours. Duolight provides three settings where you can operate only primary source, secondary source or both the sources.

Magna LED Panel

The Magna LED Panel is available in 8W and 15W. These are round shaped downlights which offer light distribution to a wide area. These lights have zero maintenance and also easy to install design. The compact size improves the aesthetic appeal and the high illumination increases the efficiency of these bulbs.

MAGIK LED Solutions

We are an LED manufacturer and provider. Along with downlights, we also provide various other types of LEDs such as spotlights, panel lights, tube lights and more. You can check out our products on our website. Give us a call for more information and to place your order.

LED in the Long Term

LEDs are long-term beneficial lighting systems. With worldwide energy consumption at an all-time high, LEDs meet this demand at lower costs and energy levels. Research indicates that LED generates significantly less heat than traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps and fluorescent lights and lasts 100 times longer than its counterparts.

Widespread usage of LED is predicted to reduce worldwide electricity consumption by 50%. LED has a small, solid body with a cleaner and efficient heat management system. It provides high-quality illumination and utilizes lesser electricity and power. This saves you a lot of money and also decreases your energy usage by tonnes each year. With zero lead and mercury utilized in its manufacturing, LEDs are also safer than other traditional sources. With incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights, the risk of breakage, heat damage, and harmful emissions of radiations are increased. Counter the inefficiency of traditional lights with LED. Make the switch today towards cleaner, safer, and sustainable energy for yourself and the environment.

Advantages of MAGIK LED Downlights

LED downlights are incredibly flexible products with versatile placement and usage possibilities. You can use them in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, commercial establishments, showrooms, office spaces and more. LED will complement whichever creative vision you want to achieve. You can dim them to your liking, play with different angles and colours. Whether intended for continuous and elongated usage, or short and intense periods, LEDs can manage it all. With LED lights, you can optimize wider beam angles to illuminate your space effectively.

LED downlights come in various shapes, sizes, colour temperatures, tones, and styles. They are extremely easy to install and customize. Transform your personal space with these beautiful lights and give it a complete makeover with our lights. Please browse through our collection of downlights to make your choice.

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