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Be it up high or down low, LED Ceiling Lights for Homes have unlimited capabilities of transforming a normal room into illuminated space. A ceiling light can provide ample of illumination to enhance the way your surroundings looks.

Magik Ceiling Lights

Magik LED ceiling lights for homes are designed with sophistication and efficiency in mind. We provide you with high-quality and reliable products to maximize your cost and energy savings. As an environmentally-conscious brand, we bring to the market clean and sustainable solutions

The brilliant options in designs that you have with LED ceiling lights for home are:


Magna lights are compact LED lights that are available in 8W and 15W. These lights do not have a rim, and thus they can spread light over a larger area. Magna lights are easier to install, and they have a long life

Helio Slim (Helio Plus)

These symmetrical lights ensure a powerful glow without any glare to the human eyes. These are available in rectangular and circular shapes. The lights have a strong aluminum frame to ensure durability and long life. There are 42 different variants of this light available with Magik Lights with different values for power rating. Almost all of them have a Power Factor of more than 0.9, which means that these lights are very energy efficient. The lights are available with CCT of 3000K, 4000K and 6500K respectively. They are designed to accentuate the aesthetic value of the surroundings.


Sheen LED ceiling light for homes illuminates the surrounding uniformly, and there is no shadow pattern in the light. The product is modern in design with deep recessed for low glare, and it has a long life. There are 15 different variants available for Sheen ceiling lights. The available wattage ratings are 6W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W. The products are further differentiated on the basis of CCT, which is 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. The power factor of these lights is more than 0.9.


Azure is a slim surface panel that can be installed in false ceilings and normal ceilings. The product is designed with back lit LEDs for high lumen output. Azure lights come in 4 different wattage ratings. The lights have protection up to 440V and 4kV surge protection. These lights have high efficacy and an average life of 25000Hrs.

As a leading LED lights manufacturer, Magik offers a two years replacement warranty for our ceiling lights. We ensure customer's safety using all the valid certifications. The lights have no presence of mercury in them, and they do not emit the spectrum of UV and IR radiation.

MAGIK LED Solutions

At MAGIK LED solutions, we are driven by the need for widespread sustainable and efficient energy resources. Magik is one of the leading LED lights manufacturers in the country. Our LED lights are a high-quality and cost-effective solution to traditional incandescent bulbs or Compact Fluorescent Lamps. We have in-house manufacturing, quality R&D, and monitoring. The company has a NABL accredited LAB that enables us to serve you better. The accreditation is the proof of the belief we garner and the quality with which we serve. Connect with us today to get started on your revolutionary journey towards cleaner, sustainable, and safer lighting.

Why Switch to LED Lights?

LED lights are highly energy efficient – less heat, more light, lower cost. Use less electricity for the same light output - 85% less electricity when compared to conventional lighting and around 18% less electricity compared to CFL.

This technology has been further developed to make varied lighting solutions that are extremely efficient, and still, the technology is continuously developing and evolving with growing consumer needs. The development of LEDs has presented itself as a sustainable solution to energy conservation and usage. LED significantly reduces power consumption, carbon emissions, and harmful radiation. So, why LED? When you choose LED, you choose efficiency.

Advantages of LED Ceiling Lighting

As a LED lights manufacturer, MAGIK LEDs provide you with various types and styles of LED. Our LED ceiling lights are empowered to provide a favourable and pleasant outlook to any room within your house. With 90% more efficient than traditional lighting, LEDs are the future of your home. The compact size of our ceiling lights makes it a versatile upgrade from inefficient lights and the aesthetic presentation of any room within your house.

Magik LED Ceiling Lights add charm and elegance to your space. With a directional emission of light, LED can be creatively placed within your house to illuminate and highlight its structural beauty.

You can find more Ceiling Lights online on this page. In fact if you check out our lighting design curation on LEDpedia, you can learn more about the types of LED lights for your household needs. Please contact us for more information and to place your order.

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