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LED panel lights are precisely designed for both commercial and domestic use, lighting up your bedroom, drawing rooms as well conference rooms. LED panel lights come in classy designs which are highly sustainable in performance, graceful in their looks and easy to install.

Magik LED Panel Lights

Magik LED Solution is a firm believer in investing in cleaner sources of energy. We manufacture high-quality, energy-efficient, and low-cost LED lights. LEDs have longer life spans and low maintenance. This means reduced maintenance costs and increased energy and monetary savings for you.

Panel lights have increasingly been replacing traditional fluorescent lights as primary light sources in residential and commercial spaces. This is due to the ineffective and harsh drawbacks of traditional sources. Along with harmful radiations, traditional lighting sources no longer have the bandwidth to compete with highly advanced LED panel lights.

Magik LED Panel Lights are sleek and slim lighting home and office lighting solutions for you. There are two beautiful option for you to choose from:

Helio Slim

Helio slim LED Panel light is available in square and circular shape. The lights are available in 3W, 6W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W variants. These panel lights are enclosed in an aluminum casing which ensures the durability of the product. The lights are much more efficient as compared to the CFL lights they have a long operating life. These LED panel lights can be lit for about 25000 hours.

Helio Slim Square

Helio Slim Square LED Panel lights are square shaped in design. They are much more sharp in their makeup and add fierce finishing touches to the aesthetics and are the preferred choice who favour sharp features over subtle oval or circular shapes. The lights are available in 3W, 6W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W power requirement variants with varying capacity of luminous intensity. These lights offer concentrated light along with wider and even coverage of the area.

Magik LED Solutions

We are manufacturers and providers of high-quality and low-cost LED lighting. With in-house manufacturing, marketing, and monitoring units, we provide our clients with long-term lighting solutions. We work towards empowering organizations and households with green technology. LED has established itself as a dependable and sustainable resource of light energy for the future. This vision of a waste-free future guides us in our endeavours to bring forward our best work and services to you.

Our LEDs are available in various types and styles. Please utilize the resources available on our website to find LEDs suitable to your liking. Whether you are looking for LEDs to suit your personal or business space, Magik has you covered. Call us for more information and to place your order.

Why Should You Choose An LED?

Due to the energy crisis surging through the world currently, there is a need to respond with sustainable action. LED has been declared a green technology that is eco-conscious. It has a ten times longer lifespan than any other traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights, and halogen lamps. Where traditional lighting converts 90% of the energy that powers into heat emissions, LED regulates energy conversion and emits zero harmful radiations. LED is bestowed with an efficient thermal management system that consists of a heat sink to control its heat dissipation. Unlike any traditional lighting source, LED will not burn out on you and render your environment unsafe.

An Option of Zero Wastage

With no mercury or lead utilized in the manufacturing and structural composition of LED, it is a zero wastage solution. On the other hand, traditional lighting sources inefficiently handle heat emissions and consume high amounts of electricity. In contrast, LED invests in your savings and decreases your utility expenditure due to low electricity and power consumption. This means less time and energy wastage and more benefits for both you and the environment. You will also save on replacement and installation labour by advancing to LED. Choose efficiency by choosing LED.

LEDs are suitable for all your spaces, be it your personal home decor or commercial establishment. LED lighting comes in different styles, shapes, colours, tones, brightness, and lots of other options. At your own discretion, you can choose the how, where, and when. With LEDs, you can find lighting to suit your every mood and event.

Make the switch today to invest in a cleaner, safer, and sustainable future.

Advantages of LED Panel Lighting

LED Panel Lights uplift the ambience of any space they’re installed in and give a whole new makeover to the interior. You can customize your space according to your personal taste and preferences.

LED panel lights will accentuate your home and work decor. Magik LED Panel lights are better quality lights that aid your work and home environment. LED Panel lights will aptly lightly up your space to enhance your workflow and productivity. Available in a wide index of colours and tones, you can choose from warm, cool, and natural tones to illuminate your space. Moreover, you can also choose between different types of round and square LED panel lights for household, office or commercial purposes. With a controlled directional illumination, LEDs are more than well suited to light up your space effectively without visual or placement difficulty.

Contact us on the details provided for more information and to place your orders.

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