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MAGIK LED High Bay Lights

MAGIK LED provides you with high-quality, energy-efficient, and low-cost High Bay lights. We have an in-house manufacturing unit which enables us to provide excellent quality LED lights. Our products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure high performance and sustainability. We also comply with BIS regulations to make our LED safe, secure, and shock-resistant. You get a 2-year replacement warranty on our products along with a lumen warranty.

MAGIK LED lights are the answer to long-term and low wastage environmental problems. As LEDs consume lesser electricity and power than their traditional counterparts, it also helps you save up on your utility bills. With the low consumption of electricity and power, LEDs can also cut down your energy usage by tonnes each year and reduce your carbon footprint.

We have a wide selection of LED High Bay Lights. Our collection includes the following:

Vulcan Pro

Vulcan Pro is a Bay light that is ideal for industrial settings. The lights are IP66 rated and thus they maintain their ultimate performance and require low maintenance even in the most tough conditions. These lights provide a mind boggling 120 lumens/W and have been tested at 480W. They are available in 4 different power variants 90W, 150W, 200W, 240W. The colour rendering is also excellent and above 80.

Zenith Plus

Zenith Plus High bay lights provide 100 lumen/W and they are available in the variants of 100W, 120W, 150W, and 200W. The lights are IP65 certified and they have high intensity output in terms of luminosity. These lights reduce your energy consumption by 50% and they provide perfect and balanced illumination which makes them ideal for an industrial setup.


Qubo lights are designed for rugged use and they have a die cast aluminium casing. These high bay lights provide a whooping 110 lumens/W and they are available in 60W, 100W, 160W and 200W variants. The Qubo lights have an extra protection offered by the polycarbonate optical cover which is highly transparent and impact resistant.

MAGIK LED Solutions

MAGIK LED Solutions. is a leading manufacturer and provider of green energy. We aim to provide efficient and sustainable lighting systems to our clients and customers. We are confident that our wide selection of products will provide for what you're looking. Connect with us today for making your switch to a cleaner and greener source of lighting.

Advantages of LED HighBay Lights

MAGIK LED High Bay Lights can be utilised in industrial and commercial setups with high ceilings such as factories, warehouses, workshops, gyms and more. These areas demand higher quality light, long hours, bright visibility, LED lights to meet all these requirements and are more beneficial with zero flickers, glare, and warm up time.

Please look at the great variety of LED High Bay Lights online from MAGIK to make your choice. You can also use our website's resources to determine what, where, and how many LEDs you want for your establishment. Contact us in case you want more information about our services and products. Please browse through our fantastic collection of high bay lights online and place your order today.

Why LED?

In the face of a worldwide energy crisis, it is essential to respond with low consumption energy alternatives such as LEDs. LEDs are small, solid bodies of light that emit a higher quality light at low energy usage. Unlike the traditional sources of lights such as halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs, which convert 90% of the energy that powers them into heat, LED utilises 90% less energy than traditional sources to emit brighter and better light energy.

They have an inbuilt heat sink that aids in thermal management. So, not only do LEDs lights reduce electricity and power usage, but they also reduce harmful emissions such as infrared radiations into the environment.

High-Bay lights are the lights installed on ceilings that have a height of 20 feet or above. These lights consume much power, and thus when these come in LEDs, the major problem is resolved. LEDs are a safer option for both you and the planet. As LEDs require fewer fixtures, and no lead or mercury is utilised in its composition and manufacturing, it is a zero-waste product. Due to proper heat dissipation, LEDs also do not get damaged easily. When your lighting system is empowered by LED, you don't have to worry about breakages and repair damages. This is a long-term lighting solution for commercial and domestic spaces. Save your money and replacement labour by choosing LED. Switch to this groundbreaking green technology today for a safer and sustainable future.

LED High Bay Lights are the ideal lighting solution for commercial establishments such as shops, storage areas, warehouses, factories, assembly areas, gyms and more. As lighting is an essential but often overlooked aspect of our everyday workspace, it is essential to know that LEDs increase productivity and visibility through their high-quality light emission. LEDs can be customised to meet any area of your requirements. You can experiment with different styles, types, size, shapes, colours, tones, beam angles, and more. Generally, wide beam angle LEDs are preferred for industrial and commercial setups. You can get the perfect illumination solution for your workspace by switching to LED High Bay Lights.

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