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MAGIK LED Canopy Lights

MAGIK LED provides reliable, high-quality, and low-cost LED canopy lights. Our canopy lights undergo thorough inspection and testing to ensure their performance and efficiency. We comply with BIS regulations, and all our products are safe, secure, and shock-resistant. Moreover, we also offer a 2-year replacement warranty on our LEDs.

We are confident that you will find whatever you are looking for in our wide range of LED collection. Our lighting solutions are a long-term plan and a one-time investment. After the initial installation, you will not have to worry about unnecessary damages, breakages, and replacement cost and labour.

We at Magik Lights have a great option for you in canopy lights:


Vulcan Pro is a Bay light that is ideal for industrial settings. The lights are IP66 rated and thus they maintain their ultimate performance and require low maintenance even in the most tough conditions. These lights provide a mind boggling 120 lumens/W and have been tested at 480W. They are available in 4 different power variants 90W, 150W, 200W, 240W. The colour rendering is also excellent and above 80.

Zenith Plus

OurCanoPlus is available in two power ratings of 80W and 50W. The product comes with a protection rating of IP65, and that provides protection against moisture and dust. The light has been tested and found to last up to 2500 hours. The bulb is available in cool white and warm white CCT. The CanoPlus is 50% more efficient when compared to Metal Halide Lamps or High Pressure Sodium Lamps. These canopy lights provide both recessed and truss mounting thus it can be used at multiple places.

Please use the resources on our website to make your choice regarding LED canopy lights. For more information about our services and products, leave a message or give us a call.

MAGIK LED Solutions

AtMAGIK LED Solutions we believe that cleaner and greener energy sources such as LEDs are the future of lighting systems. Traditional sources of light such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights tend to burn out faster and consume high amounts of energy and electricity inefficiently. Thus, MAGIK is leading the change to widespread LED usage. We have in-house manufacturing, marketing, and monitoring units that ensure effective lighting solutions to our clients.

Why LED?

LEDs are small, solid lights with an efficient thermal management system. Unlike traditional sources, which burn through energy and power faster and ineffectively, LEDs utilise 90% less energy than their counterparts. Moreover, due to proper heat dissipation, LEDs also significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help counter the drastic causes that are bringing about climate change.

Along with tremendously benefitting the planet, LEDs also help you boost your energy savings. Once installed, you will not have to deal with unnecessary replacement cost and labour. As a lasting green technology, LED is a sure-shot way of reducing your energy usage by a considerable amount each year. Change to LED today for a brighter and safer tomorrow.

Advantages of LED Canopy Lighting

LED Canopy Lighting systems are easy to install, manage, and use. They are sufficient and sustainable solutions for demanding working areas. You can achieve both modern aesthetic elegance and smart lighting with LEDs. The customisation possibilities with LEDs are endless. They come in various shapes, sizes, styles, colour, tones, and more. You can regulate their colour index and temperature, luminosity, beam angle, and brightness. Canopy Lights provide high-quality and bright visibility in outdoor and indoor locations. You can enhance the luminosity of your petrol pump, parking lot, and various other public spaces. MAGIK LED Canopy Lights are ideal for harsh weather conditions, elongated usage hours, high-quality bright light and other outdoor working conditions. Our lights are also protected against potential contaminating agents to save you any replacement expenditure. Moreover, due to LEDs' efficiency, you will also save on your energy and electricity expenditure. Switch to MAGIK LED Canopy Lights today for a better and brighter tomorrow.

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