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Magik LED Spotlights

Magik LED Spotlights are essential lighting systems to transform and style your entire house. The compact build of LED lights makes itself available to various sizes and shapes. With the extraordinary range of LED spotlights available from Magik LED Solution, you have plenty of choices. Our LEDs go through rigorous testing to ensure high-performance output and confirm to BIS requirements of safety and shock-resistant security features. The LED light price of these also depends upon the features that they offer.

Magik Lights provide seven different options for LED spotlights from their collection which include :


Aceis a highly adjustable spot light that is considered ideal for retail applications. The LED spot light is available in 20W and 40W variants and they offer different luminous intensity depending on the power rating and CCT which are 3000K, 4000K and 6500K.


Vista LED Spot Zoom Light offers high intensity lighting and the LED light has been tested as per the LM80 standards which is a proof of its lumen constancy. The bulb is available in 15W, 20W and 30W and it is designed to provide concentrated light over an area.


Novus LED lights are adjustable in any direction. They have a slim frame and light weight. The product has a good thermal dissipation which makes the spot light resistant to breakdown. The Novus LED pot light is available in 3W, 6W, 9W variants with CCT of 3000K, 4000K and 6500K all in each variant.


These LED lights have their voltage pins separated by 5.3mm (GU5.3) and 10mm (GU10). THe Glitter light has a beam angle of 36° and a 50W halogen light can be easily replaced by the Glitter light. The light is available in 4 different variants in 7W and the CCT of these variants are 2700K and 6500K. These lights have an operating life of 25000 hours.


The light derives its name from its availability in 5 different colours. Kolor LED light is ideal for domestic as well as commercial purposes. The LED offerences a focused light and is maintenance free. The Kolour LED is available in 2W with CCT 3000K and 6500K along with three other colours (red, blue, green).

LED Button

This compact LED spot light is ideal for lighting small areas like shelves, cabinets etc. The product has been designed and tested for indoor lighting. The LED buttonLED button bulb provides excellent illumination for the small areas and require a minimal power of 3W.


Disc is a culmination of a panel and spot light. It requires a minimal 3W to operate and acts to improve the aesthetics of small enclosures. The Disc LED spot lights are thin and lightweight. They have easy installation procedure and zero maintenance.

Magik LED Solution

We are manufactures and providers of LED lighting. We provide various types and styles of LEDs to our customers for all their personal and professional needs. We believe that with LED, each space is transformed into an energy-efficient lighting system. At Magik, we strive to lead the way in LED lighting solutions. With in-house manufacturing, marketing, and monitoring units, we ensure that each of the products that reach you is tested with the utmost care for maximum efficiency. We carefully curate our collection to meet every requirement of your creative vision. You can find out more about Magik LED lights online on our website and the following pages.

LED as A solution

Traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights, and halogen lamps are relics of the past times when lighting solutions were more energy intensive. To meet the rising demand for energy in today’s world, LED has presented itself as an efficient and sustainable solution.

It has also been termed as green technology due to its eco-friendly work performance. LEDs utilize 90% less power and electricity than conventional sources of light. Research indicates LEDs also lead to a fundamentally lower emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. With lighting systems consuming less power and electricity, this means smaller utility bills and heavier wallets.

You will also immensely benefit from the longer lifespan of LED lights. Halogen bulbs last only about 2,000 hours compared to an LED light’s 25,000 hours. This places both you and the environment in an advantaged position. We can all do our small bit by switching to LED and contribute to lesser waste and reduced risk of breakages and harmful toxins entering the environment. No mercury or lead is utilized in manufacturing and powering an LED light. Rather, it is designated with a highly developed thermal management system with a heat sink to facilitate heat dissipation. The LED light price is slightly higher but in the long run it returns you that invested money and some more as it continues to glow for a long time.

Its small structural composition also lends itself to varying shapes and sizes. LEDs can revolutionize the way you interact with the lighting systems of your living spaces. With highly advanced regulation systems, you can optimize LED lights to suit all your moods and events. Go from a dimly lit, cosy evening to a bright and naturally illuminated space easily. LEDs elegantly enhance the aesthetic of any space they're installed in.

Advantages of LED Spotlights

LED Spotlighting is the perfect way to accentuate special spaces within your house. You can use an LED spotlight as a backlight, or accent light in your cabinets, around your art and furniture, near your mirrors, in reading corners, kitchen, bedroom, hallway. This doesn't even cover a fraction of the potential of LED placement. Once you get creative, you can really get your vision going. LED inspires innovative and clever ways to add that extra touch of flair to your interior. You can play around with its versatility to highlight any feature of your house.

Along with being the perfect way for decor, LED is also the way towards a safer and secure lighting system. It will not burn a hole in your pocket to install and maintain. LED spotlights will give you no trouble if you leave them switched on for hours. They do their work without any disruptions and flickers.

Please utilize the resources on our website to determine the location and usage of our LEDs within your space. Contact us for more information and to know more about our LED lights price. Please browse through the options of LED spotlights online from us to make your choice.

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