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LED strip lights are a creatively designed solution which is sturdy, functional and cost effective in its operation. With advancement of technology, this flexible lighting solution finds application in decoration and illuminating rooms for a sophisticated look to your space.

MAGIK LED Strip Lights

MAGIK LED Solutions brings you various styles and types of LED lights. We provide excellent lighting solutions to you for long-term management. With its continuously improving and developing technology, LED inspires and innovates us to grow. As manufacturers and providers of numerous LED light styles, we are committed to providing reliable, high-quality, and low-cost lighting systems for your house.

Along with low power and electricity consumption, LED strip lights also emit no harmful radiation. So, when you invest in Magik LED strip lights, you invest in increased savings and a safer and secure future.


Streamis an LED strip by Magik Lights. The strip is available in 5 different versions. There are three different colours of these LED strips available. The remaining two are white lights with a yellowish and blue tinge. The LED strip has a power rating of 25W which can be broken down to 5W/m. The strip has a considerable range for voltage input and comes with a two-year replacement warranty.

The two white lights have different CCT which is colour correlated temperature. The 6500K CCT of the white coloured stream light has a slight bluish tinge and the illuminates with a sharp white light. The other has a CCT of 3000K and the light illuminates the room with a warm white light which has a slight yellowish tinge. These lights don’t have any Infrared or Ultraviolet emission. Both these white lights along with the coloured light have the same power requirements. These LED lights have been tested for the lumen intensity and they conform to the BIS standards of safety in terms of electric shocks and fire due to internal damage. These Stream lights come with a 2-year warranty.

The attractive colours, tones, and hues of LED lights are the added cherry on top. Our LED strip lights make innovative additions to your house. Be it for festivities, or long-term placement, Magik strip lights will beautifully lighten up any space. We provide sustainable LED strip lights which are flexible in placement possibilities. You can browse through our LEDpedia for more creative ideas on how to light up your life with LED.

For more information on our LED strip lights online, continue reading down below or contact us so that our lighting expert can guide you.

Magik LED Solutions

Magik lights have a NABL (National Accreditation board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited Lab. The accreditation means that our product is not just for the local market but it has been made up to the standards of the international market. The NABL accreditation makes us a contender for the government tenders throughout the world which is a statement of belief in our quality and constant improvement. Our mission is to bring sustainable and efficient lighting sources to our customers at affordable rates. We are driven by the need to ensure that we provide long-term solutions to your lighting needs. With in-house manufacturing and monitoring units, we are professionally equipped to tackle any problem head-on.

We provide various styles of LED lighting. Please have a look through our different types of LED lights and contact us to place your orders.

Why LED lights?

LED lights have a low usage of power and electricity. Due to this consumers and organizations are rapidly switching from traditional lighting sources such as incandescent lights to LED lights. Due to its highly efficient operation and zero wastage production, large-scale switching to LED lighting is one of the most important solutions to the world's ongoing energy crisis. LED, by its property of low energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, plays a leading role in countering climate change.

LED lights are designed to illuminate your house safely and with longer durability. While traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs convert 90% of the energy that powers them into heat, LED emits no harmful radiation such as infrared radiations. LED lights have a structurally inbuilt heat sink that regulates its heat production sufficiently. The advantage of a sufficient thermal radiation system also leads to a longer life span of LED. Research estimates that LED lights are bound to last ten times longer than their traditional lighting counterparts.

Even in decor and design, LED inspires innovative and artistic thinking for smart lighting placement. With a varying spectrum of warm-toned to cool-toned, perfect lighting rests at your fingertips. So, when you choose an LED, you choose efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Advantages of LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting compliments your home and adds a unique charm to it. It is effortless to use and install LED strip lighting in any space of your house for any occasion. With unlimited options in length, brightness, colours, LED lights are super cool essential tools for getting creative with your house's ambience. Magik LED Strip lights to provide you with the room for playing around with kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even bathroom lighting! You can use our strip lighting as a back light, decorative light, accent light, and more the possibilities are endless.

Transform your house today with MAGIK LED Strip lights. Please contact us to place your order or any more information regarding our LED lights and services.

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