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home solutions

home solutions

Bring alive the vision of your perfect home and explore an array of options that suit every budget and need.

  • home solutions

    home solutions

    Bring alive the vision of your perfect home and explore an array of options that suit every budget and needs.

  • Office Solutions Office Solutions
    office solutions

    office solutions

    Make your office's environment brighter and more productive with LEDs that give the right illumination for a workplace.

  • Magik Lighting - Outdoor Solution Magik Lighting - Outdoor Solution
    outdoor solutions

    outdoor solutions

    Illumiate your outdoor with durable and weatherproof lighting solutions that create a unique and defining look.

  • Industry Solutuion Industry Solutuion
    industry solutions

    industry solutions

    Build a smarter industry with lighting that saves energy, reduces costs and stimulates economic development.

  • Hospitality Solution Hospitality Solution
    hospitality solutions

    hospitality solutions

    Meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your space and make your guests feel at home with energy-efficient solutions that accentuate every decor.

  • Retail Solution Retail Solution
    retail solutions

    retail solutions

    Create a strong brand identity with lighting that makes up a memorable experience for every customer.


LED lights are the latest choice for smart and sustainable functioning.

With LED being the new technology, LED lights are now available in a wide range to suit your home as well as outdoor needs. Explore how Magik enhances the power of LED lights that illuminates your world with its smart solutions the solutions empowered with innovative thinking.

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We are always reinventing our lighting solutions to make sure that you get the best! Check out the latest additions to our Magikal LED family.

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At Magik, we light up billions of lives which connects us to our happy consumers by various means.

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Allow no darkness to hold you back; let there be light! Let us guide you to a brighter future.

Illuminate your life with our long-lasting energy backup Magik LED lights. For the future bright minds of India, let darkness not be an obstacle.  


Solutions by Magik LED lights


Magik LED Lights brings you innovative, space-saving, efficient lighting solutions for all environments. The R&D department of Magik Lights brings you the varied solutions and the different options for various places. Magik Lights works not only on the quality, durability and efficiency of the products but it also factors in the beauty, ambience, and the aesthetics of the place where these products would be installed.    


Indoor Solutions


Enhance the beauty of your dream home with our extensive Magik Indoor lighting Solutions. You have the option of Ceiling lights, Strip light, LED Bulkheads, Spot Lights, LED Downlights, LED Battens, LED Panels apart from your regular LED bulbs and LED tube lights.


Office Solutions


We know how lousy lighting can affect your work. So, say goodbye to dull lighting as well as overly bright lighting with our Magik Office Lighting Solutions.


Magik Office LED Lighting Solutions offer you lighting plans of the perfect intensity for your team’s optimal work experience because teamwork makes the dream work.


Outdoor Solutions


Dark streets can make you feel uncomfortable. We at Magik Solutions bring you the perfect bright lighting solutions for your safety. Let us make roads safer together.


We know how important outdoor lighting is to you. Magik Solutions offers you the best outdoor lighting solutions. Our Magik Outdoor Lighting Solutions make you outdoors beautiful because we know lighting matters. Magik Lights provide three brilliant options depending on your need. The options provided include Street LED lights which have a low glare and scattered light output incorporating a large area. LED Bulkhead gives a warm diffused glow. LED Floodlights provide high-intensity light for a focused region. 


Industrial Solutions


For the vulnerable Industrial spaces, Magik brings you optimal lighting solutions for a hazard-free environment. Magik Industrial Lighting Solutions offer a wide range of perfect energy-efficient lighting solutions to make the industrial environment a safer place to work in, that too at affordable prices.


Hospitality solutions


Create the ideal, comfortable hospitality environment for all with our Magik Hospitality Lighting Solutions. Magik Hospitality Lighting Solutions offers an elegant range of LED lights which accentuate the guest experience. The lights in this section help with increasing the beauty of the property. There are lights which provide a warm diffused glow to create a welcoming aura, and then there are some which provide a glare-free illumination shedding their light on the beauty of the place, imprinting the memory in the guest. You can find examples of the beauty of property improved drastically by LED lights online.   


Retail Solutions


Dull lighting may draw away the beauty of your products. Magik Retail Lighting Solutions help you highlight the beauty of your products.


Let the maroons be maroon, and purples be purple with our elegant Magik Retail Lighting Solutions. Display all colours as beautifully as they are.


All colours look bright and attractive with our wide range of Retail Lighting Solutions suitable for any Retail store.


Magik Lights - An Extensive Product Range


The Maximo Prime brings you the brightest and long-lasting light to illuminate your future. 


Slimmer than ever, bring home the stylish Magik LED Panel lights for more significant space-saving and zero wastage. Square or circular, ceiling lights by Magik Lights in Indoor lighting Solution has a choice of all. The modern, sleek Magik LED Tube Lights fit the aesthetics of your home seamlessly.


The Magik Lights Strip LED lights, also known as Stream, are tested for perfection. Magik LED gives you guaranteed satisfaction and matches your interior decor with the perfect shade, glow and highlight that fits your mood.


Bring home Magik LED Spot Lights which hit the right spot flawlessly.


Pass the baton to the Magik LED Batten to brighten up your living home with style. The Magik LED Downlights are the perfect partner to highlight your quirky personal touches in your home.

Zoom in on your favourite decor with the Magik Vista LED Spot Zoom Light which gives you a high intensity focused lighting solution.


Magik C’nnect presents aesthetically pleasing modern and stylish, smart lighting solutions for the technology lover. The Magik LED Bulkhead is the all-in-one space-efficient, energy-saving lighting solution for all environments that lights up all your spaces with a gleaming spot-free light resulting in the perfect ambience.




If you have any questions or doubts related to LEDs then Magik Lights has a solution for you. Warm or bright, big or small, for such questions LEDpedia has the answer to all.

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