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  • Led Lamp Maximo
  • Led Lamp Maximo
  • Led Lamp Maximo
  • LED Lamp
Maximo line is defined by its robust construction offering solid performance with easy installation and low energy consumption.
  • An ideal pick to light up any space.
  • Has a clear illumination capacity emitting bright light.
  • It does not emit any harmful rays, which makes it environment-friendly.
  • Available in a wide wattage range of 5-14 W.
  • Save more energy over ordinary bulbs hence saving money.
Product Code CCT Lumen Other Information
  • 5W
    LUMA005C0543 6500K 500 180D Beam Angle
  • 5W
    LUMA005W0544 3000K 450 180D Beam Angle
  • 7W
    LUMA007W0534 3000K 630 180D Beam Angle
  • 9W
    LUMA009C0535 6500K 900 180D Beam Angle
  • 9W
    LUMA009W0536 3000K 810 180D Beam Angle
  • 12W
    LUMA012C0614 6500K 1200 180D Beam Angle
  • 12W
    LUMA012C0615 3000K 1080 180D Beam Angle
  • 14W
    LUMA014C0616 6500K 1400 180D Beam Angle
  • 14W
    LUMA014W0617 3000K 1260 180D Beam Angle
  • 20W
    LUMA020W1108 3000K 1800 180D Beam Angle
Magik Promises

Magik believes in adding value to the world through its energy efficient lighting, making the planet healthier and more sustainable with our solutions that contribute to social as well as ecological well-being.



    Each light source is tested for its luminous intensity and uniformity across a solid angle that consumes the least energy.

  • Consumer Safety

    Consumer Safety

    Our products adhere to BIS safety norms, ensuring protection against electric shock and resistance to heat and flames.

  • 2 years replacement warranty

    2 years replacement warranty

    Our products are covered with a replacement warranty of 2 years; 1 year for Bulbs & Battens. *Terms & Conditions apply

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