How to Use LED Lights For Home Decoration

If you are here, we are sure you are already familiar with the plethora of reasons why the world is switching to LEDs as their go to choice when it comes to lighting solutions. No points for guessing that while energy efficiency, higher savings, eco-friendly are some of the pointers we all are trying to check off by opting for LED lights, home decoration is an added advantage that LEDs bring to the table. Yes, you read it correctly. Not many of us are aware but besides playing its functional role, lighting can radically change the look and feel of your living space, and has a direct impact in setting its mood and ambience.

While considering LED lights for home decoration, one must remember that the design should blend with the style and decor throughout all areas of your house. From the kind of lighting fixtures, to the colour and tone of the lights and most importantly, their placement – all these factors together determine how picturesque your space looks.

What are the different types of Lighting?

To be able to plan the lighting design of your LEd lights for home decoration, let’s first understand a bit more about the types of lighting and how it forays into the role of aesthetics from its titular functional role. Essentially, lighting comes in three forms – Ambient, Task and Accent. Meant to provide overall illumination, ambient lighting creates a general and uniform lighting level. It plays a crucial role in setting the tone of a space, which is why it is usually soft or diffuse and should ideally come in dimmable settings to range from day to night. Ambient lighting is typically important in lounging areas, master bedrooms and stairways, spaces which demand optimal visibility.

For detailed task work like reading, grooming or cooking, one needs more focused and intense illumination. This is where task lighting comes into play, since it’s brighter and more effective than ambient lighting. Like its name suggests, task lighting is meant to help a person perform the task that a space is designated for. It is layered, over and above ambient lighting, and tends to be more focused on the task. The third layer of lighting, serves a more aesthetic purpose than functional. It’s called accent lighting and it is added to a point of interest to draw the attention of a viewer. Accent lighting adds drama to your space, and enhances the overall decor. When we are looking at how to use LED lights for home decoration, we focus on a lighting plan that caters to the placement primarily in the context of accent lighting.

Why LED Lights for home decoration?

LED lights don’t just last longer and save energy costs, they also come in a wide variety of shapes and styles which can fit seamlessly into the decor of a room. Earlier, many resisted the use of LED lights for home decoration since they couldn’t recreate the warm glow of incandescent bulbs that one seeks when trying to create a moody atmosphere. But now the technology has advanced and we can see both cool and warm colour tones in the range options that Magik LEDs has to offer. As far as diversity is concerned, you don’t have to restrict yourself to bulbs, there are a plethora of LED options in the likes of spotlights, downlights, ceiling lights, panel lights etc that can be approached.

How to choose the lighting design for every room?

Instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach, the ideal way to light a space is by tailoring the lighting needs based on the use, size and design style of an area to achieve a rich and flexible lighting design. For instance you can employ under-cabinet lighting or pendants in the kitchen to increase visibility on countertops and table and floor lamps in living areas and bedrooms to highlight the room’s desired design style.

Effective ways to use accent lights to your advantage are through installing recessed ceiling lights, track lights or wall-mounted luminaire. They are very effective in common areas like patios as they can be angled and directed to create a highlight.

Depending on how you want to set your LED lights for home decoration, some of the styles you can consider for every room of your house are – Modern, Contemporary, Cove, Traditional and Ambient. Modern marries functionality and style, and blends seamlessly into false ceilings. It typically uses a combination of spotlights and panel lights. Contemporary also produces a similar effect but through a combination of surface panel lights and bulbs. When you really wish to elevate the aesthetics of your room, opt for cove lighting which offers diffused light without any glare through a combination of recessed ceiling lights, panel and spotlights.

For those who prefer a moody ambient setup, strip lights really play the role of a gamechanger and bring a lot of sophistication into the picture. As a decorative feature, strip lighting can be installed behind the mirror, under cabinets, or along the floor to create an interesting element in any room.

Talking about an outdoor setup, if your terrace has a bar counter, strip lighting can be fixed along the edge as a decorative feature. Similarly, LED strip lighting along the pathway in a garden creates a magical aura at night.

In staircases, one can install LED lights under each step, not only to prevent accidents but also to add beauty to the area.

If you love these tips and wish to explore and visualise each style, Magik LED Lighting Solutions has got your back here too. You can explore Magik LEDpedia, the ultimate virtual guide to help you choose & understand what LED lighting solution would work for every corner of your house, and parallely give you the suggested products so that nothing comes between you and your home makeover! Try out the different lighting styles for yourself and let LEDs help you take your home decoration game to the next level.

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