3 Ways to Beat Eye Strain with Right Lighting

Light is the most vital aspect of vision. While inadequate light demands more effort to see, the harsh glare of excessive light can even harm the eyes.

In times when the exposure to screens is at an all time high, it is essential to adjust the lighting around you to prevent strain and protect the eyes. Here’s how it can be done.

Imitate Natural Light Setting

The lighting in your home or workspace ought to be cohesive and well-distributed in order to feel natural. To create a distraction-free lighting environment, use multiple light sources such as downlights, spotlights, bulbs or battens that illuminate the space sufficiently without producing obscuring shadows. Multiple light sources eliminate hot spots and harsh contrasts as they increase the overall amount of light, thus serving as the perfect alternate to super bright bulbs that can harm the eyes.

Task Lighting to the Rescue

Inadequate lighting is one of the most common reasons that lead to eye strain. Specially when performing tasks that require intense focus, poor lighting can result in uncomfortable symptoms that accompany eye strain. In such a scenario, task lighting acts as the ideal choice as it is meant to facilitate tasks that require doing focused work for longer amounts of time. Use lamps under cabinet lighting for kitchen work areas and desk lamps for kids room, as it provides directed light for reading and writing.

Install Ambient and Corrective Lights

A smart combination of ambient and corrective lights is a great way to keep eyestrain at bay. The key is to spread out lighting in your home and workspace to ensure sufficient lighting. Ambient lights are ideal for lighting up any room in your home as they emit warm and gentle light that creates a comfortable lighting environment. It’s also recommended to place corrective lights behind your computer or TV screen to ease out the exposure to bright light. This works wonders as the general lighting level in the room minimizes the discomfort glare.

In light of the increased exposure to phone and computer screens, it is high time to start giving visual comfort a priority. Comfortable lighting facilitates tasks, create a more noticeable difference in colors and most importantly, prevents eye strain. Make changes in your lighting setup today with Magik’s LED lighting solutions that are soothing on the eyes!

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