Best Way To Do Smart Lighting For Your Home

Magik LED Light for Bedroom

In the era of technological advancement, it’s no surprise that our homes are getting smarter. One aspect of transformation in smart homes is adding smart lighting solutions. Gone are the days when simply flipping a switch could help in turning a light on/off, or light only came in single colours, today with smart lighting one can control the ambience, mood, energy and also efficiency of home lighting with just a few taps on your smartphone or a voice command to your virtual assistant.

So, if you want to update the current lighting system in your home and transform it into smart lighting, the best way to incorporate that is by adding Magik C’NNECT Smaart Lighting Automation System. Magik C’NNECT is all about forging a smart connection with family and friends using the power of lighting. Let us guide you through it, and how the installation is useful for modern lighting solutions.

Lighting Living Room To Outdoors with Magik C’NNECT

To make it convenient and easy to control the light of your home, the Magik C’NNECT is here to automate your home. The stand-out features such as;

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home: The “intelligent voice control system” allows you to control the ambience, brightness and shades of light just with your voice. Now all you need to do is “OK Google, turn off the lights”
  • Smart Controller with no HUB required: When compared with other automation systems, setting the MAGIK C’NNECT Smart Lighting is quite convenient. What makes it different from other smart lighting solutions in the market it doesn’t require large hubs or complex wirings.
  • Control comfortably from anywhere, by being inside your home or miles away from home: These new generation light uses WiFi protocol which is especially handy if you remember after leaving your house that you have forgotten to turn off the lights. 
  • Control many lights with just one controller: Magik C’NNECT uses an innovative connection method– Cascading in which a common power supply has a common controller. So, want to turn the party from the living room to the outside lawn? All you need to do is just control the light with one controller!
  • A smart app that puts the control on the tap of your finger: The Magik C’NNECT smart app allows you to have different kinds of lighting scenes using the app. With the app, you can group different lights and have control over temperature and brightness. Other than that, you can also control the switch on/off.
  • Remote control: To make smart lighting convenient to use for friends and family, we also provide a smart remote. With a smart remote, you control the lights in the same way as you do with a smart app. 

Control colour and brightness:  You can adjust the colour, intensity and temperature from warm yellow (3000K) to cool white (6500K) and transform your home completely in a different way.

Transform Your Home With Magical Range of C’NNECT

1.     Spotlights: Spotlights contribute to overall lighting by washing walls or ceilings with gentle illumination. It can be used as accent lighting, or highlighting any artwork, along with decorative elements at home.

Features of Magik C’NNECT Spotlight

  • Amplifies the truest colour of an object
  • Comes with an anti-glare feature and doesn’t hurt the eye
  • It has adjustable lighting angles, the spotlights can be moved 360 degrees for asymmetric light
  • The spotlights come in 4 different colours —black, silver, white, gold, and matte. The shades of the fixture and fittings add an elegant look.
  • With Magik C’NNECT you can control the beam angle to create a stunning visual effect.

2.      Downlights: Downlights are added to illuminate hallways, auditoriums, kitchens, and outdoor parking spaces.

Features of Magik C’NNECT Downlights

  • Sturdy and strong build design to prevent breaking due to environmental factors. The cooled aluminium die-cast body makes it durable.
  • It comes with elegant fittings that complement the interiors
  • The downlights have a wider light distribution angle that makes tasks such as reading or cooking easier.

3.      Strip Lights: Strip lights are added in the staircases, in the walls, or surrounding artefacts to highlight that. These are common to add in parking lots as it is easier to install and don’t need any prior installation for that.

Features of Magik C’NNECT Strip Lights

  • The lights are coated with a layer of silicon making it flexible and highly durable.
  • They are flexible to use and have application versatility; from mirror lighting to backlighting strip lights can be added easily in any space.
  • Comes with 16 million colour options. With the app or remote you can group these lights in any colour of your choice.
  • Available in customised sizes. You can cut them into smaller segments and add these into different spaces such as cupboards, or even small tables.

4.      Profile Lights: Profile lights are commonly employed to accentuate certain elements within a composition, drawing the viewer’s attention to key focal points.

Features of Magik C’NNECT Profile Lights

  • The profile lights are available in RGB colour combination, as the profile lights have the capability of changing the brightness anywhere in between range of  3000K-6500k
  • C’NNECT profile lights have high efficacy which gives them best-in-class brightness
  • These lights can be customised length-wise which means the light can be shaped by common geometrical figures like rectangles, squares or triangles.

Lit up Your Home With Magik’s Lighting Solution

With smart lighting solutions you get to experiment and be expressive with different lighting solutions, so why settle for less? Every smart home needs smart lighting, connect them with Magik C’NNECT.