Under the Spotlight: Cafe Makeovers with Magik LEDs

First impressions are important and more so, when it comes to hospitality. The food might be great and the drinks amazing, but none of it would make an impact if the lighting is not upto the mark. If the lighting is planned in the right manner, the customer feels relaxed and welcomed enough to extend their stay! Here’s a look at the two magikal makeovers of the eateries in Kolkata that underline the role lighting plays in drawing crowds to any restaurant.

Carpe Diem Lounge

In the city of Kolkata, Carpe Diem lounge is a funky hotspot that was recently upgraded with Magik LEDs. Inside the cozy eatery, warm lighting has been used to make the ambience more welcoming.

The lounge achieves the desired overall illumination by installing Aura Slim Plus Downlights all across the space.

Carpe Diem Lounge Kolkata

A good lounge design is a functional one. To highlight the collectibles and wines, LED Spot Button lights have been used, while the bar counter is accentuated with Magik LED Strip lights. The ambient lighting in the lounge is done in such a way that it highlights the wooden textured flooring, giving the place a premium look-and-feel. In addition, a mix of various lighting fixtures have been employed to make the LIVE music area look more appealing. Making effective use of task lighting, pendant lighting fixtures lit with Magik LED Lamps have been installed to highlight individual tables. This not only makes the visual impression of food and drinks reach its full potential, but has a strong impact on customer experience.


Cafe Stardom Lighting

At Cafe Stardom, the owners wanted to create a space that stands out. To achieve a lively and energetic space while also cutting energy consumption, Magik LEDs were used to illuminate all the nooks and corners. The Cafe further makes use of different layers of Magik LED lighting to provide high-quality illumination with the added benefits of long lifetime, low maintenance and energy efficiency. Creating an effective ambient lighting all across the cafe, the cafe uses Magik LED downlights, which also serves as the main source of light. These downlights not only provide general illumination, but make the case for an easy and unobtrusive installation. Their output is strong and yield an energy savings of roughly 70%.

Cafe Stardom Lighting Ideas

Cafe Stardom sets the right mood by paying attention to brightness within the space. The lighting arrangement is done considering three things: concept, target audience and the space. The setup creates a functional working space in the kitchen with task lighting and even highlights the greenery of the place with ambient lighting, achieved with Magik downlights.

Lighting plays a bigger role than you might expect in drawing crowds to any restaurant. Upgrade your restaurant’s lighting now to watch the Magik unfold.

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