Add Life To Your Living Room – With Lights!

LED lights kitchen home

Ever wondered why the Living Room is called the ‘Living’ room? Because that’s where the life of your home really is. Find out how LED Lights can add life to your living room.

Picture this, a grand party at your place with all your friends. Which room do you think will be hosting the event? Yes, the living room. Weekend night movie marathon with your family? Living room seems perfect. A quiet place to read a book? Nothing is better than the living room.

There’s no denying that the living room is truly the most dynamic space in your home. And like every other room, it needs the help of proper lighting to help you make the most of its functionality. Sounds tricky? Not when you’ve got a few basic guidelines to help you out. Here are some points that will assist you in choosing the perfect lighting for your living room:

What’s the Watt?

The first step is to find out how much light does your living room need (in watts). No guesses, no approximations; just use this formula – Area of Living Room (square feet) X (0.5).

Say, if the area is 150 sq feet, then the light requirement in watts is 150 multiplied by (0.5), which comes out to be (75) watts. This value is calculated keeping in mind that light is uniformly distributed across the entire room.

Understanding the Light Sources

The lighting of the living room comes out best when it’s a combination of three different light sources. These are called ambient, task and accent lighting.

1. Ambient lighting is the one that sets the mood of the room. It can be created with the help of good LED Ceiling Lights, like the Magik Celinaor the Helioseries. LED Lamps like Magik Decor are also a great option to grace the living room’s ambience.

 LED Lights for Living room

2. Task lighting is directional and is used to assist in tasks like reading. The best way to leverage it is through LED Spotlights that can light up cushy spots, like an armchair or the sofa. And what could be a better choice than Magik Kolor Button and Sparkle series? Moreover, the former option, i.e. Magik Kolor Button is also available in five different colours.

Living Room LED Lights

3. Accent lighting is used to negate the harsh brightness of task lighting, and also add some visual appeal. Using LED Bulbs like Magik Grande in walls sconces is one of the most effective ways to accent your living room.

Living room LED Lights

Manipulating Space

The final trick lies in understanding the layout and structure of your living room. For that, you need to analyse the available space and even the colours of the walls. If your walls are light-coloured, then using wall sconces with LED Bulbs can create an illusion of extra space. In case of darker-painted walls, then using more of ambient lights will give a brighter feel.

Apart from that, care should be taken of the heights of lamps and chandeliers. By rule of thumb, the height of the light source should be minimum seven to eight feet above the floor. Recessed lighting, like LED Spotlights, should be positioned three feet away from the walls, ensuring that your corners are never hiding in the shadows. It must be ensured that the ceiling lights should not be overlapped behind the fan blades to avoid unwanted disturbance in the room.

So, there you have it! A quick guide that should help you ace through the basics of proper lighting for your living room, and more. Of course, feel free to improvise; give it the touch of creativity that shows that it’s your living room after all. Have fun!