Waterproof Lighting Makes Monsoon Magikal!

It’s that time of the year again when the rains bring along respite from the sultry summers and rejuvenate everything they touch! Enjoying rains, especially at home, is one of those little pleasures of life that is further complemented with a quaint ambience created by the right lighting. However, lighting up the pretty outdoors of your home, including the garden, balcony, driveway or terrace can become a nightmare if the light is not appropriate.

Monsoon season can specially be challenging for outdoor lighting, as water can make lights susceptible to short circuits. Not just that, as rains tend to make the atmosphere appear dim and dark, lighting ought to be bright enough to make up for it. But all of these issues mean nothing when you’ve got Magik’s waterproof lighting solutions, which are specially manufactured with the latest technology while abiding by the IP65 norms.

Make rains brighter with Bulkheads

If you are looking for an ideal source of bright and uniform light that can create a well-lit ambience in your balcony, terrace or driveways, go with Magik Arena Bulkhead. The robust polycarbonate base of the light makes it highly durable in unfavourable conditions, while keeping the light output sharp. Moreover, it saves 50-60% extra energy than traditional lights, making it easy on the pocket as well!

Illuminate the outdoors with Floodlights

Can there be a better place to enjoy monsoons than your own garden?! Magik offers an array of outdoor lighting solutions that can help you brighten your garden and even driveways. Plant any of our IP65 protected LED Floodlights – Atlantis, Zenith Plus, Qubo , Radiant or Aerial — to highlight your prized plants! Not only do they make quite a spectacle out of your garden but stay intact in the harshest of weather.

Besides these floodlights, LED Post Top Bright-yard, can also be installed to keep your garden well-lit and evoke admiration at the same time.

Make your home ready for monsoons and enjoy the season of joy in the favourite corner of your space with Magik’s weather-proof lighting solutions!

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