Looking for Magikal Ways to Renovate Your Home?

LED lights for home

When it comes to renovating your home, what are the ideas that first come to your mind? Replacing your furniture, redoing the walls and adding home decor items will be the most common answers. But what often gets left out from the big picture is the lighting of your home — the most important factor that actually transforms the experience of a space. From the colour of the lights to their styling, explore magikal lighting solutions at LEDpedia and put them to use with these handpicked tips:

Bring on the layers

The secret for a successful lighting design lies in mixing and layering different styles of lighting.
To begin with, evenly illuminate the room with ambient lighting, which can be achieved using Magik Downlights. Once that’s done, slowly work your way with task lighting and add Magik spotlights like Glitter and Kolor etc., reading lamps and even Magik Strip lights for cove effect. If you wish to go a little more extravagant, add the master stroke with a layer of decorative lighting. Using the Magik Liliput, bring your chandeliers and lamps alive and add drama to the room. For more tips, ask our lighting expert Chamak Damak!

Artwork features

Magik spotlights

To make your home’s aesthetics stand out among the crowd and exhibit your taste for art, illuminate your artworks with Magik spotlights. You can even get experimental and use innovative wall lighting designs to turn wall lamps and wall sconces into a piece of art in itself. For sculptures or art pieces mounted on the table, use wall-mount fixtures lit with Magik Spot lights and highlight your prized possessions.

Keep the shadows at bay

LED Novus Spot Swivel

Although overhead lighting remains the most popularly used style in households, when placed in the wrong spot, it can cast shadows. In the living room, make sure to install your Magik Downlights such as LED Novus Spot Swivel and Sheen away from the fans, as overlapping can cause a flicker. In places like bathroom or vanity room, install wall sconces on either side of the mirror to avoid shadows. Kitchens also need task lighting to help you perform the cooking tasks with ease. For that, add the likes of LED Novus spotlight above the counter to direct the light right on the areas where it’s needed the most.

Beyond pure functionality, you owe it to your newly renovated home to give it a good lighting treatment. As lighting is the best way to quickly give your home a magikal makeover, consider these tips and create the home of your dreams with a little help from LEDpedia!