Light Up Your Ceiling With Delta Slim Panel Lights!

If a modern contemporary aesthetic is your go-to vibe for your house, your search will have a fruitful result on encountering panel lights! Whether it choosing furniture, or deciding the wallpaper of your space, your hard work is rendered a waste if the lighting does not complement your room. Energy-efficient and an excellent addition to your home’s ambiance, panel lights will be your best bet to revamp your home’s lighting, especially with the festive season just around the corner.

Why Delta Slim Panel Lights?

Recessed lights such as Delta Slim Panel are built into the ceiling of the room which provide both direct and indirect lighting depending on how it is installed. Magik Lighting has launched the newly launched Delta Slim Panel lights which could be used for residential, office as well as hospitality solutions.

Different Rooms, Different Lights

It is important to choose a lighting plan that fits in seamlessly with the theme and ambiance you’re going for. Delta Slim Panel Light plays an essential role, not just in the lighting design but also as an element of decor that lifts up the ambiance of your house, bringing in sophistication as well as elegance.

Living Room

Your living room is supposed to have a decor with a warm inviting vibe for the family members as well as for hosting your guests. Delta Slim Panel light comes as a retrofit solution and is available in warm white, cool white, natural white, red, blue, green and pink. This light is also perfect for the festive season as the colour options can serve as a choice to switch to festive mode anytime! Choose a lighting solution like Delta Slim Panel light that comes with a wide range of colours and wattage, and perfectly complements your decor.


Your bedroom is your haven, and demands lighting that is custom to your needs; comforting, but not too dull, bright but not too bright, the struggle is real. When you choose Delta Slim Panel light you can explore a range of wattage and colours available in 3W, 6W, 12W, 15W and 18W. With bright light, high efficiency, sleek and robust design, Delta Slim Panel will light up your bedroom as a calm and welcoming space.

With just the right features, and a premium aesthetic as an added benefit, Magik’s Delta Slim Panel lights are the correct choice for your home. Explore lighting solutions that suit you, and meet the needs of your home with Magik Lighting.

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