Light Like a Pro

Ever feel like relaxing in an overly lit bedroom? Or find reading in a dimly lit study room an easy task? The answer is a ‘no’, right?

The fact is that lighting affects us in more ways that we can imagine. On one hand it creates the ambience of a space and on the other, serves as a necessity for seamless day-to-day functioning. More often than not, it is not always easy to select the most appropriate option for your spaces. But don’t worry, our lighting expert Chamak Damak along with our lighting guide LEDpedia, can help you transform your home unlike ever before!

Take a look at these LED lighting tips:
LED lighting tips
Use It As a Decoration

Lighting is an essential tool than can completely change the way a room appears. Using lights as a decorative element can affect the ambiance and immediately elevate the aesthetics of your interiors. When used as wall art or to highlight your prized possessions, they can truly add magik to your home. To turn lights into a decorative tool, you can play with powerful and direct lighting of Magik LED Duo-Lite or indirectly make the room glow with the likes of Magik LED spotlights. Beyond that, you can even use the likes of Spectrum or Décor LED Lamps to create a statement lamps and chandeliers within your home!

LED spotlights for home

Take Height and Placement Into Consideration

Imagine yourself sitting in a huge room with just a small bulb–the light will be inadequate and make the room look dull. To make sure that the lights you are installing stay effective with respect to the size of the room, one thing to take into consideration is the height of the room’s ceiling. If it happens to be too high, go for lighting fixtures that come with adjustable cables. For medium ceilings, you can install Magik downlights, ceiling lights or panel lights, which provide equal lighting across the room, delivering ideal illumination.

Strip lights for Home

Lighting Out-of-the-box

Cove lighting is a common sight these days but how about ditching the traditional ways and installing lights in a brand new way? To break the monotony, use Magik Strip lights and add them to your toe-kicks at the underside of the bed or base cabinets. Not just that, you can add lights to stair risers as a design element and make them safe at night.

Make Life More Comfy

Lights can make your life more comfortable. Try installing Magik LED Button in the closet and drawers to put everything in order. You can even install Magik Glitter or Kolor Spotlight in the dressing room or in a hallway as these kinds of lights facilitate daily life and contribute in embellishing the general atmosphere of the home.

Don’t limit the lighting in your home to just tubelights and bulbs. Think beyond the usual and create magik for your spaces with LEDpedia that can help you build a personalised lighting plan.

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