IP65 LED Lights – The Perfect Choice for Monsoon Season

MAGIK outdoor led flood lights 

Tired of defunct lights at your house during monsoon? Are you done with the dark dull driveways? Were the claims of lights being waterproof a lie? Can’t seem to find a perfect solution to the issue of rains ruining your lighting during monsoon?

Led Lights

Seems like you have landed at the right place. Call it luck or fate, we have a whole bunch of IP65 certified LED lighting solutions, especially designed to resist water and moisture. This feature makes this type of lighting products ideal to be used during monsoon.

Understanding IP:

IP stands for Ingress Protection Marking. This IP code classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against dust and water. IP65 means that the LED lights can easily withstand water intrusion, where 6 stands for rating of dust proofing and 5 stands for rating of water proofing. Magik has a wide range of IP65 lighting solutions.

Say goodbye to problems with IP65:

LED Bulkhead

With monsoon, comes a swarm of insects which can cause trouble. Dark balconies and boundary walls are their preferred hideout and our LED Bulkheads are just the right thing to fight them. Stay LIT with our IP65 Certified LED Bulkhead: Arena.

LED Flashlights:

Why only stop at the driveway, when rains are best enjoyed in the garden? Giving you the freedom, safety and assurance of never leaving you stranded in the dark, we are proud to present to you, our IP65 protected LED Flashlights – Atlantis, Zenith Plus, Vulcan and Aerial. Stay illuminated, stay bright; without any kind of fright.

LED Bollard:

We are talking about rains and monsoons, we can’t possibly miss out the romantic vibe in the air. Nothing sounds better than a late evening stroll in the drizzle with dim yet bright bollard on the side. Say hello to Fabio – a member of our LED Bollard range! With sturdy and waterproof design, it creates the right atmosphere for a perfect walk to remember.

LED Street Lights:

LED Street Lights

In a sincere effort to make roads safer, we have IP65 certified LED street lights: Solis, Solis Plus and Orion. With their added advantage of being weather resistant and durable, our range of street lights illuminates the streets without any interruption, ensuring your safety when you are out somewhere. They are water and moisture resistant, and works perfectly well even during rains.

LED Post Top:

While we are at it, how can we forget the ever-beautiful garden of yours? Be it a late evening walk or a small reading session at the swing, our LED Post Top, Bright-yard, which is the best garden lighting solution, will keep your garden well lit.

So, here we wish that your houses and surroundings be bright and magikal in Monsoon and all the seasons that follow! SADA JAGMAGATE RAHO!

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