Introducing LEDpedia: The Guiding Light for all your Lighting Needs

Lighting can make or break the look of a place and getting it right can be quite a challenge. You never know when you might need to tweak the existing lighting in your home or to build a new layout in your office from scratch. And when you get at it, you have troubles selecting the right style, the right size, lumens, etc. To help you overcome the issues that you might encounter while choosing the right light, our lighting expert Chamak Damak is here with LEDpedia—the ultimate lighting guide that gives you all the info you need to effortlessly light your spaces.

The LEDpedia allows you to choose from planning the light for your spaces and understanding the lighting solutions better. Read on to know about how LEDpedia is the answer to all LED-related queries.

1. Plan Lighting for your Room

Be it your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, LEDpedia can help you visualise and decide which solution will best suit your space. All you have to do is choose ‘Plan lighting for your room’ that gives you a solution befitting your requirements. To customise the right solution, you first have to select the space you wish to transform and enter the size of the room.

But before you select the size of the room, let us know the lighting style that best fits the look-and-feel of your room so that we can bring you the best lighting solution!

This style uses the combination of primarily bulbs and battens and can be retrofitted on the existing points of tube lights and bulb holders. Traditional lighting is cost effective, yet gives an alluring look to your space.

Contemporary lighting style provides brilliant light, befitting both regular and false ceilings. The style features LED lights and complements the new-age style of homes and offices.

Marrying functionality with style, modern LED fixtures give blends seamlessly with the decor, elevating the look of the room. An incredible combination of panel & spot lights, modern lighting gives off uniform lighting across the room and brightens up the dullest of spaces.

A combination of panel & spot lights, cove lighting plays with general and accent lighting in your room. Adding an elegant cove that lights up the entire space, it gives off diffused lighting without any glare.

2. Need To Know About Led

The second half of the LEDpedia helps familiarise you with the A-Z of LEDs. Designed to answer all your doubts, confusions and questions about LEDs in general, the ‘NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LED’ section empowers you with information on LED lighting ranging from colour lumens, IP and product safety to the overall benefits.

The LEDpedia enables you to see lighting in real time by allowing you to select the space, style and ambience. The end result you get is the perfect solution for you, designed for you, as described by you. So what are you waiting for? Ask Chamak Damak how to transform your spaces and allow him to introduce you to LEDpedia!

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