How does an emergency LED bulb work?

Prolonged power cuts have always been a nuisance. In a developing country like ours, inadequate power supply creates a lot of difficulties. From studying to doing household chores, the hours spent in the dark turn out unproductive. But with the advent of new technology, tackling them has become much easier.

To help combat the issues of recurrent power cuts, Magik Lights brings you Powerjack LED Emergency Bulb, specially designed to function in the absence of power, this bulb delivers a battery backup of 4 full hours. The technology used in its LED bulb manufacturing process enables the light to automatically start during a power cut and auto charges in the availability of power supply.

Besides being an ideal solution for rural areas and some parts of the cities with higher power outages, this LED emergency bulb acts as the perfect fit at places such as bathrooms, corridors, garages, etc., which are not always backed up with inverter connectivity. As soon as the electricity goes out, the bulb springs into action to light up your space, all while staying energy-efficient.

How do rechargeable LED Bulbs work?

Rechargeable lights are very similar to any regular LED bulb at all times except when there’s a power cut. In case of power cuts, where regular light bulbs don’t work, rechargeable lights stay on because of the rechargeable batteries in them. These batteries get charged when there is a regular power supply. These usually last four to eight hours but the charging and lasting time may vary depending on various factors. The longer the charging time, the longer they last.

How does Powerjack LED Bulb work?

The Powerjack LED bulb functions with the help of an internal battery, charging itself when switched on during the availability of a power supply. As soon as the electricity is disconnected, this bulb backed with wide voltage springs into action and brightens up the spaces. While Powerjack operates with a lumen output of 100 lumens per watt during power supply, it works at a reduced lumen level of 40-50% at times of no electricity supply.  

Perks of installing Powerjack LED Bulb

  • Long life of 25000 hours, making it highly durable
  • Takes just 5-6 hours to get fully charged
  • Switches on instantly, eliminating flicker
  • Easy to operate, no maintenance required
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • 4 hours of power backup
  • Affordable and highly economical
  • Fast installation and wide voltage

Looking for the perfect rechargeable emergency bulb? Powerjack LED emergency bulb by Magik, an energy-efficient, budget-friendly, power-saving solution. It is the perfect LED light for your home to keep darkness at bay even during power cuts.

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