Handy Guide to Living Room Lighting

Spacious or cozy, minimalistic or extravagant, homely or fraternity hang spot; whichever vibe you’re looking to create in your living room, only the best lights that suit your living room will truly give you that energy you need. Dull lights can suck the living right out of your living room and give it a dreaded ‘boring vibe’. To escape this mood-killing scenario, let us look at the best lights for your living room that you can use so your lighting hits all the right places and makes your room and ambience glow!

Placement is Key!

Well-placed LED lights are a surefire way to add unlimited charm to your living room. Understand your living room and have a clear outlook of how you want your room to look. Although having a blend of multiple types of lighting looks great to the eye, it is better to have a general idea of the direction you’re heading into. 

Once you understand the dynamics of the living room and your vision, get to work! 

  • Use recessed ceiling-LED lights with low ceilings to have a bright and evenly lit living room. Go for chandeliers and low-hanging pendants if you have high ceilings (they work the best).
  • Place an LED lamp with wide beam angles to light up the dull corners of the room.
  • Place lights on your shelves and behind your furniture to make it pop and stand out.

Blend it like Beckham

Don’t be afraid to take risks with the lighting in your living room. Mix and match however much you like. Go for both antique and modern lights when layering the room (Always layer the lights!). Use combinations of different colored led lights too but try not to go overboard and end up with a disco for a living room. 

Let sunlight be your decorator

Use natural light to the best of your ability. Living rooms with natural light bouncing throughout look bigger and less stuffy. Use the best LED lights for your living room which augment the natural light already coming in!

Jazz things up a bit

Instead of choosing between two types of lighting options, do both – pairing up light sources balances the ambience and provides symmetry to your living room. Pump up the chic in your living room and use the best LED lights that add the artsy touch to your room and serve much more than just the utility of the lights.

Create alternatives

Monotony is exhausting, and having the same vibe in your living room 24/7 may just ruin a perfectly designed living room for you. Add warm strip lights, lanterns with candles, or just one of those trendy sunset lamps with LED bulbs in them in your living room to have an alternative to your regular lights to change the mood a little.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

Use LEDs as they’re the best lighting option to suit all your needs. Yes, ALL. They come in all desired shapes and colors, are lighter on your pockets in the long run, and are also be a boon for the environment! 

Where To Find The Best LEDs?

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