Good Things Come in Small Packages, Just Like Liliput!

Be it the colour of your eyes, the texture of your curtains or the lighting in your room – beauty lies in the details. But what happens when you go out looking for a bulb to adorn your chandelier or the small lamps lying by your bed? Or in cases where no other bulb seems to be compact enough to fit within the refrigerator or a kitchen chimney?

For those struggling with the lack of choice in decorative lighting or are restricted by the size of the light compartment, we’ve got just the right option—India’s smallest LED light bulb—the Liliput! This bulb is available in E14 cap fitting, which makes it an easy fit within tight spaces. Moreover, the Liliput delivers a power-packed light output, all while saving upto 95% of energy! Thanks to its size, the bulb comes handy where others fail to fit the bill. Read on to know where the Liliput can prove to be an ideal lighting choice.

Decorative Lighting: Chandelier

When it comes to selecting the right bulb for your chandelier or lamp, numerous factors come into play. Not only are you faced with the choice to select the one that doesn’t compromise the aesthetics of your masterpiece, but you also have to take into account its shape, fitting and size. The right bulb can bring sophistication to your living room with its subtle appearance and abundant light, while a lesser-thought choice can make the most beautiful chandeliers look out of place. The Liliput becomes an ideal choice to light up your chandelier with its minimalistic look and omnidirectional shape that spreads light evenly.

Light with a purpose: Refrigerators/Chimney

As soon as you open your refrigerator, a small bulb lights up to help you look better within the fridge. These pre-fitted bulbs are very compact in size but have a strong light output. In case when these bulbs get damaged and need a replacement, you need a bulb that fits within the compartment but gives enough light to keep the interior of the fridge well-lit. Not to mention, they must also be energy-saving.

The same holds true for kitchen chimneys that spot small light bulbs in order to direct light on top of the gas stove. Even this compartment is precisely small and the light needed has to be strong enough to penetrate through the light compartment’s translucent cover.The challenge that comes up in both the cases is that the available options are either too big to fit the space or too dim. This is where the Liliput comes in handy and meets the requirement in every way possible.

Whether you’re outfitting a statement chandelier or need a bulb to strictly fulfill a purpose, no other bulb does the job better than the Liliput, all thanks to its size, lumen intensity, fitting and brightness!

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