Shedding Light On Ambient Lighting

led lighting ideas

Whatever be your mantra for decorating your home, ambient lighting plays an important role in bringing any space alive. It supports rooms with gentler light, helps to set the mood and can be generated cost-effectively using Magik Lights. To help you with the best ambient lighting ideas for your home, our lighting expert can curate a personalized lighting plan which will suit your living space.

Read on to know more about how you can light your space to create the perfect ambience within the most important areas of your home.

1. Living Rooms

living room lighting ideas

Living rooms are the focal points of a house where one usually spends most of their time. That’s why, it’s especially important to have a lighting combination that works well. To illuminate the room equally and achieve the best result, install downlight fixtures such as Magik Novus and Sheen and create cove lighting effect with LED strip lights. Magik LED strip lights can be used around the cabinet, while the corners of the room can be made to look aesthetically pleasing with side table lamps illuminated with Magik LED lamps.

You can also combine ambient lighting with accents (best brought to light with Magik LED Lamps) to give a unique spin to your lighting and make it more interesting.

2. Bedroom Lighting

bedroom led light ideas

Creating the ideal bedroom lighting is essential for making it a comfortable place to rest at night, to rise each morning and to go about your day. This can be best achieved within your bedroom with ceiling fixtures such as Helio Slim, through chandeliers illuminated with Liliput or pendant lighting created with the likes of Magik Grande lamp. Magik LED strip lights can also be used to highlight the shelves beneath the TV, whereas the bedside lamps can add to the comfort of use and the overall appeal.

3. Study Room

study room lighting ideas
Your reading room demands a lighting ambience that’s not too harsh on the eyes. Having an evenly-lit study lessens the short-term effects of reading like eye strain and headaches, and makes your reading experience more comfortable. The best way to light up your reading room is to use a combination of task lighting and ambient lighting, i.e. install study lamps by Magik and add to natural lighting with LED Battens, Downlights and Panel lights.The addition of Magik LED Strip Lights creates a relaxing ambience and a light atmosphere that works best to offer you a break from reading.

4. Bathroom

bedroom led light ideas
A brightly lit bathroom is key to a brighter day. But more often than not, it gets neglected. To make the ambience more appropriate to function, ambient lighting works best in bathrooms as it frees up space and provides a clean, glare-free look. Above the mirrors and sinks, you can use pendants hung from the ceiling or wall sconces illuminated with Magik LED lamps and complete the look. On the other hand, you can highlight articles adorning your bathroom with Magik spotlight.

When it comes to creating subtle lighting environments and giving your spaces a unique dimension, ambient lighting works best. To bring out the best of ambient lighting within your home, refer to LEDpedia.