Colour Temperature: What’s best for your space?

Magik LED downlights

It’s true that lighting sets your mood and colors can decide how you feel at a particular time. But have you ever wondered if the temperature of a colour could also affect your performance? Well, the answer is yes. But, before we go on further with the ‘how’, we should answer a more obvious ‘what’.

What is colour temperature?

Colour temperature is referred to as the colour of the light, which is measured on a kelvin scale.
Warm light emissions are closer to natural lighting, while the white light emissions are closer to blue and look artificial.

The temperature variance is also significant in these emissions. Warm lights lie between 2700-3000K, whereas cool lights lie between 5500-6000K and everything in between is natural light.

Warm lights are yellowish in emission and are perfect for evenings as they go well with our brain cycle and thereby help us to relax better. This is why warm lighting is perfect for living rooms where you can sit and relax and indulge in your favourite pastime.

White lights, on the other hand, are know to be lot more effective in enhancing the alertness and attention level. These are the reasons why white lights should be used in spaces where you need focused attention, like offices, retail spaces and study rooms.

But, a little experimentation never hurt anybody. Be the magician at work and pick theLED lights as per your needs and space.

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