Best Home Lighting Ideas for 2020

2020 is here and it brings along the desire to renew, revive and recreate. Be it replacing an old car or redoing the interiors, modifying homes or business settings — everyone looks forward to fresh beginnings that create a feeling of novelty. Out of a myriad of ways that become an expression of change in the new year, renovating your home continues to capture the mass’ imagination. And the way to do it better than the rest is to revamp your humble abode with the right lighting!

Lighting Trends for 2020

Before we dive into home lighting ideas for 2020, let’s consider the lighting trends predictions for this year.

Though the upcoming lighting trends aren’t much different than the previous ones, yet a blend of several styles this year like classic, modern, vintage and traditional will rule the decor trend. Undeniably, LED lights for homes are the go-to choice to achieve a breathtaking appearance for your abode. The fusion of these smart lights and exquisite lighting fixtures will make your 2020 sparkling!

Lighting ideas for 2020

Bigger is better!

Being minimalistic might be the trend, but sometimes bigger is better. Let your drawing room attract eyeballs with a huge central piece, complemented with chic sconces on the side walls. Furthermore, invoke the envy of onlookers with a large empire or waterfall chandelier paired with Liliput, our most energy-efficient kind of LED lamp.

Large drum or cone pendant fixtures are also a hot choice amid homeowners that bring a certain dimension to spaces. Our aesthetically-designed Golf Ball lamps paired with these huge fixtures create a sparkling effect all over.

Highlight your favourites!

If art and handicraft items are close to your heart then why not let them be the centre of attraction by highlighting them with LED spotlights. When exposed to the right lighting, like LED button, the artifacts look even more elegant. Also, hanging LED strip lights around the artworks will highlight your beautiful pieces while accentuating the entire home decor.

Small space? No problem!

Small spaces or low ceilings may appear problematic, but, actually, are an advantage during the implementation of the lighting plan. While low ceilings give a sense of cosiness and a feeling of warmth, illuminating them has to be planned smartly. For instance, installing a combination of LED panel lights and LED spotlights in areas requiring focus will ensure even distribution of radiance while adding a touch of luxury to your space.

Nothing can be better than starting the year with a revamped home. Use these essential lighting tips and make your guests go gaga over the breathtaking ambience of your abode.

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