Beat the winter blues with Magik Lights

Now that we’ve stepped into November, we second the motto of House Stark. You got it right! “Winter is coming”. In fact, it has knocked our doors quite early this time. And since we’ve been spending most of the time at homes in the current scenario, it is quintessential for us to find a way out to beat the winter blues. But do you know, one can even do that by revamping the lighting setup at home. Here are some tricks, both magikal and natural, to help you beat the winter blues.

  1. Ensure a proper natural lighting source at your home. Usually, winter mornings in India are brighter but warmer. Moreover, try to maximise the natural sunlight using mirrors so that it gets reflected and lights your indoors. 
Beat the winter blues with Magik Lights.

2) Not all the bulbs can withstand the bone chilling winters, especially if you’re considering it for a warmer feeling. People mostly tend to bring a cozy vibe to their living spaces and are fond of soft, warm lighting. To make it easier for you, cozier lights are generally yellow in color and that’s when Color temperature comes into play. For a cozy setup, it is always recommended to buy bulbs with color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 3000K.

Beat the winter blues with Magik Lights.
Beat the winter blues with Magik Lights.

3) More number of floor lamps or table lamps can help, provided you choose the right bulbs for it. It would be better if you choose brighter lights with energy efficiency to illuminate your homes. Similarly, we know a lot of you are still working from home. Well, we have a tip for you. Get yourself a hot cappuccino and light your desk with a table lamp.

Beat the winter blues with Magik Lights.

4) We have one exclusive tip for your dining space i.e. get high wattage bulbs in your chandeliers or sconces to get a soft diffused warm vibe.

Need some Magikal ideas?

Beat the winter blues with Magik Lights.

Magik Dia LED Lamp: A bulb best suited to light your indoors in all weathers, but specifically, it can do wonders in winters. With an unblemished color accuracy, it produces a bright light and is equally energy efficient too. It provides a clear vision and can enhance any space with its sparkling effect. Magik Dia comes in both frosted and clear finish as per the need of your indoor space. 

Magik Kolor LED: How about lighting the interior decor in your living space? Multiple spotlights can help spread a warm vibe. Magik Kolor LED, a spotlight focussed to give your decor an aesthetic appeal is available in multiple colors including blue, green and red to give you a warm vibe.  

Magik Grande: If you’re looking to light a large area, we would suggest you to go for Magik Grande, a bulb that epitomizes perfection and sets the ambience right. In comparison to incandescent lamps, Magik Grande has a longer shelf life and emits bright light in wide areas and simultaneously, consumes less energy.

So, it’s time you prepare well for the winters and opt for these natural and magikal lighting setups for your home and set the atmosphere according to your mood. Happy winters!

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