Power out? Light stays on!

Imagine being at home, the lights go out and you suddenly stub your toe into something. Or you are studying for your big exam and the power goes out. That fact of the matter is that we all are not ignorant to the inconveniences that power outages can cause. In fact, power outages can often prove to be disruptive and stressful. But unfortunately, their occurrence still remains pretty common.

It is for times like these that Magik has designed the perfect lighting solution — Powerjack LED Emergency Lamp to be your saviour! A perfect fit for situations wherein the primary power supply gets disconnected and every normal illumination fails, Magik Powerjack can turn out to be your most reliable lighting backup. You no longer need to struggle in the dark to find candles, matches or flashlights because with just the flipping of your existing light switch, you can have a magikal backup light for 4 hours, straight! Because of its power-packed backup, this LED Emergency Lamp is the ideal solution for rural areas that plunge into darkness due to electricity shortage and frequent power outages.

The Powerjack runs on an internal battery, which charges whenever it is switched on in normal scenarios and springs into action whenever there’s a power outage. When operating with the main power supply, the bulb packs a lumen output of 100 lumen per watt, while at time of power outage, it continues to work at a lumen level lower than 40-50%. All it takes is to charge it for 5-6 hours.

Not only does the Powerjack LED Emergency Lamp perfectly cater to those who face frequent power cuts but can also come handy in those spaces of homes and offices that get left out of an inverter connection, such as bathrooms, corridors, or garages etc.

In a nutshell
LED Emergency Lighting Advantages:

  • Fast installation
  • Operational ease
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Affordable price