Offbeat Diwali Lighting with LED Strip

Versatile in usage and aesthetic in appeal, LED strips are nothing short of jewellery for your home and that’s why, they are the perfect way to drop your guests’ jaws, this Diwali. These highly flexible and easy-to-install lights deem perfect fit for not just adding the razzle-dazzle but for functional usage as well. To best utilise them to double your Diwali lighting delight, we have shortlisted some off-beat applications. Read on.

Functional and trendy: Cabinets and drawers

Talking about strip lights, the first image that pops up in the mind is of Cove lighting. But there exist numerous other usages that can do wonders for your spaces. Line the underside of your cabinets and drawers with Magik Stream LED Strip to boost the appearance of the entire space. In kitchen’s wall-mounted cabinets, these LEDs provide task lighting for the counter space and prep area, making tasks more convenient.

The new face of modern:

Strip lights also make a great addition to furniture. Be it sofas, tables or beds, strip lights add a warm glow to any room when installed on the underside. This accent illumination upgrades the old furniture with a modern look and conveniently illuminates the floor enough to see at night. Since the subtle glow of strip lights is suitable for night, you can also install them below the railing or underneath the tread of your staircase and make it easier to navigate the stairs at night.

Entertainment Unlimited: Monitor and screens

Backlighting your LED consoles is commonplace but not many people know about the effect that LED strips can create with your screens. Pack the back of your PC or TV screens with Stream LED strips to create a one-of-its-kind setup. As an added advantage, it would mitigate eye strain by offsetting the brightness, all while creating a futuristic appearance.

LED strips can be placed just about anywhere (thanks to their flexibility) and come in a range of colours. Using LED strip lights, you can create magik this Diwali without spending too much money or effort. Get started with Stream LED strip from Magik and use your creativity to unleash the most inspiring lighting designs!