Lighting Tips To Make Your Home cosy In Winters

As the temperature begins to drop and sunlight fades with the arrival of winters, the atmosphere starts appearing dull and gloomy. But winters are a magikal time of the year and to make up for these lost daylight hours, increase the illumination within your home with the right mix of lights. To enjoy the winter charm at its best, it’s imperative to create a soft, warm lighting ambience within your home. Use light fixtures such as table lamps, sconces, and ceiling-mounted fixtures to achieve a natural glow.

Light your home to perfection this winters, with these magikal tips:

Dare for more

When inadequate natural light is giving you the winter blues, make up for it with your overall illumination scheme. Add LED lamps and wall and ceiling fixtures throughout your home to increase the amount of lighting. You can also swap low-wattage bulbs with brighter, energy-efficient LEDs from Magik.

Get the temperature right

The chilly wintery atmosphere outside can be complemented with a warm and cozy ambience within your home. To achieve the same, go with lights with a warmer temperature or LEDs that replicate daylight colors. In addition, choose fixtures that scatter light around the room rather than going with the ones that direct light on a single spot

Mix and match

Different lights serve different purposes and create their own distinct moods. By mixing these different lights, you can create a feeling of warmth and bring out the cosier aspects of your home. Layer your existing lighting by adding lamps, sconces, pendant lights, or strip lights. As lamps are easy to move and strip lights easy to install, you can use them to change a room’s lighting plan as seasons change.

Recessed lighting

Lighting sources that glow from within the hidden corners bring a cosier warmth into a home. A subtle integration of lighting sources can highlight different parts of the room in style and at the same time, the indirect glow makes a room feel warmer. Try adding Magik Downlights to set a balanced level of brightness and produce a comfortable and homely feeling.

There can be nothing better than coming home to a nicely- lit environment. Use these winter lighting ideas within your home and see how you feel after you make the changes.