Century House: Workspace Redefined

Productivity and efficiency are the buzz words in today’s corporate environment. While people conduct seminars and workshops to boost employee performance, what often gets overlooked is the lighting in the work space. Lighting is scientifically proven to influence focus, mood and performance. Natural day light and optimum temperature radiating from the light source are proven to result in better mood, less fatigue, fewer mistakes, and higher levels of stress-combating hormones.

To reproduce these results in work spaces, Magik Lights has designed unique solutions that replicate natural day light. Here is how Magik LEDs have created a happy and efficient workspace at Century House, Kolkata.


At the workstations, 36W Lineo Techzone lighting generates a glare-free and uniform lighting on the working plane, while the colour temperature of 4000K ensures natural daylight-like feeling and stress free ambience.

SHEEN deep downlights installed in the corridor area share the same colour temperature and lighting colour to maintain uniformity in the floors and surrounding environment.

Business Head Cabin

12W SHEEN deep downlights used here exude a glare-free, neutral white lighting with a colour temperature of 4000K resembling natural daylight for a stress-free ambience.

Lineo lights have been mounted on the top of the working table surface for task lighting. Colour temperature of 3000K is bright enough while having a soothing effect on the eye at the working plane.

LED linear profile used at the bottom of the shelves, has a colour temperature of 3000K, which  contrasts tastefully with the surrounding to highlight the structure.

Board Room

Linear profile lights installed here are ideal for uniform lighting across the board room table. This augments the functionality of the room with high uniformity and Lux level resulting in clear visibility during video conferences. Colour temperature of 4000K helps in reducing fatigue, stress and drowsiness even through prolonged meetings.

Waiting Lobby

30W Amaze Spot track produces a warm and an attractive contrast lighting on the couches and centre table. Colour temperature is pleasant at 3000K and the colour is a neutral white. The ambience has a calming effect which is an advantage in the waiting area.

SHEEN deep downlights used for general lighting helps in achieving uniform lighting on the floors. Colour temperature used is of 4000K for a daylight feeling, and it beautifully contrasts with the lighting colour of the sitting area.

Breakout Area

In the breakout area, 2x20W Ace Spot Lights have been mounted for a bright and exciting contrast lighting on the display racks and seats. Colour temperature of 3000K, and the neutral white colour is  soothing to the eye and and helps in creating a relaxing environment.

SHEEN deep downlights with a colour temperature of 4000K have been used in corridor areas here too, for uniform lighting in the floors and for a natural daylight effect.

Additionally, LED linear profile installed at the top of the display boards contrast and highlight the displays with a colour temperature of 3000K.