IP stands for ’Ingress Protection’ and it’s a measure of electronic enclosures’ rating according to their levels of sealing effectiveness against intrusion from:

Foreign bodies (tools, dirt, etc.)


Magik has a wide variety of lighting fixtures with IP 65. Due to the harsh outdoor conditions of rain and dust, outdoor LED display panels that are not IP rated or do not achieve a rating of IP65 are prone to damage or failure with long-term exposure. The stringent IP testing process subjects panels to environments of varying temperature and pressure, as well as dust and water to accurately determine their protective qualities.

Here is a comprehensive guide as to how you can understand what the NUMBERS on the IP rating mean-

  • The


    signifies intrusion protection.
  • The


    signifies mositure protection.
IP 65


INTRUSION PROTECTION (Represented by First digit)
  • No special protection<


  • Protection from a large part of the body such as a hand (but no protection from deliberate access); from solid objects greater than 50mm in diameter.


  • Protection against fingers or other object not greater than 80mm in length and 12mm in diameter.


  • Protection from entry by tools, wires etc, with a diameter of 2.5 mm or more.


  • Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm (eg fine tools/small etc).


  • Protected against dust that may harm equipment.


  • Totally dust tight.


After considering the IP numbers, you can decide which fixture is most suitable for your requirement.
MOISTURE PROTECTION (Represented by Second digit)
  • 0

    No special protection

  • 1

    Protection against condensation

  • 2

    Protection against water droplets deflected up to 15° from vertical

  • 3

    Protected against water spray

  • 4

    Protected against water spray from all directions

  • 5

    Protection against low pressure water jets (all directions)

  • 6

    Protection against strong water jets and waves.

  • 7

    Protected against temporary immersion.

  • 8

    Protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.

After considering the IP numbers, you can decide which fixture is most suitable for your requirement.