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  • Amaze
Amaze track light is one of the effective form of ambient, task & accent lighting. It has a modern look with high energy saving.
  1. Track head can be rotated till 350 degree angle, hence light can be directed to desired area.
  2. Its flexible design makes it easy to add or remove it from track.
  3. Energy efficient light with minimal heat emission.
Product Code CCT Lumen Other Information
  • 15W
    TCAM015C1078 6500K 1350
  • 15W
    TCAM015W1079 4000K 1275
  • 15W
    TCAM015W1080 3000K 1200
  • 30W
    TCAM030C1060 6500K 3000
  • 30W
    TCAM030N1061 4000K 2850
  • 30W
    TCAM030W1062 3000K 2700
  • 45W
    TCAM045C1120 6500K 4500
  • 45W
    TCAM045N1121 4000K 4275
  • 45W
    TCAM045W1122 3000K 4050
Magik Promises

Magik believes in adding value to the world through its energy efficient lighting, making the planet healthier and more sustainable with our solutions that contribute to social as well as ecological well-being.



    Each light source is tested for its luminous intensity and uniformity across a solid angle that consumes the least energy.

  • Consumer Safety

    Consumer Safety

    Our products adhere to BIS safety norms, ensuring protection against electric shock and resistance to heat and flames.

  • 2 years replacement warranty

    2 years replacement warranty

    Our products are covered with a replacement warranty of 2 years; 1 year for Bulbs & Battens. *Terms & Conditions apply

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