• C'NNECT Dazzle Deep Downlight Round
C'NNECT Dazzle Deep Downlight Round
  • Our Dazzle range comes in Premium finished polycarbonate body, which 

    makes the fixture sturdy and long lasting as well as provides optimal heat Management.

  • Wider Light Distribution Angle help in wider spread for light enables tasks 

    like Reading, Cooking and other day to day activities.

  • Dazzle 10w has cut out diameter of 93mm and dimension is 95mm *58 mm 

    Designer fitting, with a premium fit and finish.

  • Dazzle 15w has cut out diameter of 145mm and dimension is 148mm *58 


  • Dazzle has a beam angle of 95 Degrees.

  • Dazzle 15w has CRI>80 specifications. Any object e.g. a painting illuminated 

    by these lights will provide truest color of the object without distortion in 

    colour of the object as in ordinary lighting.

  • Anti-glare lights that do not hurt your eyes, or seems invisible from an angle 

    but provides bright lights underneath. The Deep Recess of these fittings 

    makes the light source hidden from view and does not give glare to the 

    eyes, while providing bright light.

  • The Milk polycarbonate diffuser spreads the light evenly, making this light a 

    great choice for providing a uniform lighting without any dark patches.

  • Used generally in the living room, bedrooms, foyer, hall.


Product Code CCT Lumen Other Information
  • 10W
    CTDZ015T3046 3000K-6000K 85 95D Beam Angle
  • 15W
    CTDZ015T3046 3000K-6000K 85 95D Beam Angle
Magik Promises

Magik believes in adding value to the world through its energy efficient lighting, making the planet healthier and more sustainable with our solutions that contribute to social as well as ecological well-being.



    Each light source is tested for its luminous intensity and uniformity across a solid angle that consumes the least energy.

  • Consumer Safety

    Consumer Safety

    Our products adhere to BIS safety norms, ensuring protection against electric shock and resistance to heat and flames.

  • 2 years replacement warranty

    2 years replacement warranty

    Our products are covered with a replacement warranty of 2 years; 1 year for Bulbs & Battens. *Terms & Conditions apply

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