Your DIY Guide to Decorate Your Home with LED Strip Lights

Home with LED Strip Lights

Home decor is a very creative aspect when it comes to creating the perfect and comfortable space for yourself. While many of us still want to stick with the traditional home decor, but there are some adventurous ones who are now shifting to LED Strip Lights for the beautification of their homes. LED Strip Lights can easily be installed, even without the help of an expert.

Home with LED Strip Lights

So, here is a step by step DIY guide to install LED Strip Lights:

1. Double check your lights before cutting or installing:
Make sure the strip is of correct length and is working while you are purchasing it.

2. Take measurements and make cuts:
Measure the strip light as per the requirement and carefully make the cuts, while avoiding any damage to the lights.

3. Preparing the strip-to-power connection:
Ensure a stable and secure power supply to your strip lights. It’s advisable to keep the length of the wires as short as possible, so as to avoid tangling of wires.

4. Connecting two lengths of LED strips with strip-to-strip connector:
If at all, you need to connect different lengths of strip lights, use connectors to manage the lengths of your strip lights.

5. Test the strip:
You should test the strip once you are done with all the arrangement and connections.

6. Install the LED strip lights in the desired space:
Install the LED strip lights by using adhesives, tape or holders.

7. Turn on the Magik!

That’s all! LED Strip Lights are all ready to create a magikal environment!.

Interesting ways to use strip lights:

1. Raise the ‘Bar’ with strip lights:
LED strip lights are flexible, sturdy and easy to install. That being said, they are also a good option for protecting light sensitive products you might have at your home. Spirits and liquor are light sensitive and tend to go bad if not kept in the right light. There is no need to store your bottled liquor in a dark cellar any more as the subtle illumination of the strip lights allows you to store the bottles at the bar itself, without the fear of deteriorating the alcohol. Put the LED strip lights under the counters and corners using an adhesive. Make sure the power source is also nearby as wires would spoil the aesthetic of the entire setup.

2.  Mastering the Bedroom Lighting:
Bedrooms are one place where you can really feel comfortable and cozy. The bed is truly your fortress and what if we tell you that beds can be beautified the way you want. Just illuminate the area around your bed with LED strip lights. LEDs are available in wide range of colours and temperatures to fit every mood. Light colour is known to change the way you feel and act. Use these strip lights behind the headpost for the visual appeal and around the footrest to keep the floor illuminated.

3. Transform your workstation into a fun station:
LED Lights are known to reduce the glares and shadows coming off of the screen. These LED lights are also used to increase the focus and attentivity. Use these LED Strip Lights to deck up your desktop and CPU tower while getting the benefits of improved focus and attention.

These are just some DIY ideas for the smart use of LED strip lights. But as they say, imagination and curiosity knows no bounds. So, put on your thinking hat and decorate your personal space with some of the most innovative ideas.

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