Tips To Help You Choose The Best Lighting For Every Room

Best Lighting For Bed Room

Your home is ultimately your temple. It is the space where you rest, work, invite friends and family over and spend the most time. We all in fact have specific rooms for specific purposes or functionalities so that our homes and rooms that we live in the nurture and cater to us. This is where the relation between aesthetics and functionality comes in.

It is your job to stay informed and trendy when it comes to designing rooms so that it ultimately can impact your mood the way you want it to. In designing rooms, lighting is perhaps the most dominant player. What it does is it changes the entire feeling that the room is associated with, and consequently your mood too. To spend time in a particular area for a long time, it is necessary that the illumination is precise otherwise engaging in a diverse range of activities such as drawing, reading, writing, talking, cooking, watching movies, eating etc would not give you the satisfaction you are perhaps looking out of these.

Lighting For Bed Room

This article delves into the key factors on the basis of which you can fixate on the exact lighting solution that you need for a particular purpose. 

Things That You Need To Keep In Mind Before You Install The Lights 

The first step is to never forget what room you are going for. If it is a living room, then the lighting has to be versatile enough to accommodate various purposes. The living room is meant for a lot of times in the day, a lot of activities and most importantly always with a varying number of people. Thus the lighting has to be ambient. Using ceiling fixtures that are stylish and energy-efficient coupled with beautifully and dimly lit floor lamps might be just what you need to make an impression on your guests.

If we shift directly into the kitchen area, then a central ceiling fixture is super important. You have to build your cooking ambience around it. Along with this, you can always install small cabinet lights to give your space an extra edge. For dining rooms, unlike the kitchen, you can make use of a lot of elegance. Use chandeliers, buffet lamps, and especially dimmable lighting solutions which will allow you to easily switch from a polite dinner ambience to a bright task-facilitating environment.

best Lighting in Living Room

Now let’s talk about the space that is meant for rest and sleep. For your bedrooms, you mandatorily need to be equipped with lighting solutions that are adjustable so that you can tune in according to the time of the day when you are taking a rest. Try to make the room as cosy as possible: installing beautiful strips behind headboards works well. Now, for bathrooms, an overhead bright lighting solution should be enough along with a couple of strips that surround the mirror.

If you happen to have a home office, then install desk lamps that are both focused and adjustable. Using spotlights that highlight important areas such as bookshelves, personal notations, photo frames and artworks can also elevate the aesthetics of your working environment. For corridors and staircases, adjustable wall sconces and ceiling lights are all that you need.

There are also a few critical points other than the aforementioned. Firstly, never choose corners for lighting. It prevents a properly lit ambience from being created. Also, understand that colour temperature is critical- whether you want a warm tone or a cool one can really change the blood and life of your room. And most importantly, always opt for LED lights. Most eco-friendly, affordable, versatile, easy to install and completely customisable, these lights have been so dominant and effective for interior spaces that there’s hardly any alternative left for people to choose from.

Lighting in Laundry Room

How Does Magik Have The Solution To Every Desire of Yours

Magik LED isn’t just merely transforming the space that you are occupying. We have through our incredible range of solutions – a diverse array of lumen options, designs, and versatility in terms of wattage, eco-friendliness, adjustability and colour temperature, become your reliable companion in meeting demand and fulfilling every desire. 

The solutions we offer include LED lamps, LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED spotlights, LED tube lights, LED Battens, LED Downlights, LED Bulkheads, LED Flood Lights and LED Strip Lights. Always radical in our approach, these lighting solutions revamp spaces and make your homes and rooms more impressive and comforting for you. Each of these lamps equipped with a power backup level of more than 4 hours doesn’t just provide your indoors with the layered lighting it needs but also makes sure to keep your home illuminated during emergency power cut situations at a lumen lower than 40-50%. Available in 5 colours- blue, green, red, warm and cool, our high-lumen lights transform your indoor spaces into dynamic and vibrant environments with their flawless colour accuracy.

Best Lighting in Office Conference

Making your homes more habitable and safe,  our LED Lamps subcategorised into Savio, Liliput, T-Lite, Power Plus, Flash LED Bulb, Grande, Spectrum, DIA, Maximo Plus, and Deco Plus, all come with a warranty of 2 years. With some of these even capable of moving in 4 directions, you can play with their scope to give your rooms an extra edge- something that other lights are not capable of. Energy efficient, easy to install and affordable, you can use these versatile lights across all of your rooms and even staircases, to create the exact ambience that the situation demands- every single time!