The Game Changing Alternative to Traditional Tube Lights: Maximo Prime Battens

LED Strips - Traditional Tube Lights
Traditional Tube Lights

From everyday jokes to Bollywood references, we all know how conventional tube lights work. The traditional tube lights are at the centre of jokes, movies and more. This has paved the way for a new lighting solution. LED battens are sleek in design and light-weighted which makes the installation process simple and hassle-free. There are benefits of using an LED batten as compared to the traditional bulbs and tubes. They have a larger lifespan, are energy-efficient, have improved safety measures, are lightweight and environmentally safe. 

Traditional bulbs are fading away and there’s a surge in the demand for LED bulbs and battens. Now let’s talk about a revolutionary product that is so unique and advanced which will change the course and the future.

Lights for Bedroom

Understanding more about Battens

Batten LED lights are a very big category in the LED Lighting Industry and contribute to more than 25% of the total consumer lighting Industry. They are used in homes, offices and small manufacturing units as well. Due to the ease of installation, they are used for many applications and give a wide light output. Before ceiling lights, traditional tube lights were used to illuminate homes, but with the latest technological innovations and smart innovation, battens have the potential to dominate the industry. 

Tube LED Lights

How is Maximo Prime better?

Introducing Maximo Prime Batten from Magik Lighting, one of the most revolutionary battens ever made.

It comes in three variants, 24W, 30W and 35W. Maximo Prime Batten is the first 35W LED product manufactured in India and promises a better lighting experience.

It’s sleek in design, made out of a plastic body for durability, is light and can easily be installed without any hassle. Maximo Prime Batten by Magik Lighting is changing the traditional perspective of tube lights with unmatched brightness and uniform distribution. Whether it’s a lawn or your study room where you meet your productivity targets, or even your bedroom, Maximo Prime Batten illuminates your environment, enhances your mood, brings a positive vibe and makes your home glisten with happiness.

Maximo Prime Batten from Magik Lighting, the only shade of happiness. Get to know more about the newly launched Batten and choose what your home wants best.