The Emotion Called Light

Lighting has been the part of our household since our childhood. Remember that sleepover with cousins and gossips through the night under that dim yet beautiful light of your room? Or those movie nights with your parents with lights that made the screen more visible? We always needed the lighting to be perfect for every occasion that we wanted to enjoy. Light truly drives our emotions and it is undeniable that light is much more than being just a fundamental element that supports life. it is an emotion that can reflect onto one’s life and routine.

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Unknowingly, light not only can drive our mood and emotions, but also can beautify any space, if used rightly. Magik Lights truly believes that light is much more than a necessity, and has its own emotions, which is why, we are always in an effort to provide innovative lighting solutions that reflect our beliefs. All of our products have their unique aura, which makes them the perfect lighting partner that can be installed in any space.

Festivals and celebrations:
Remember the days when the whole family used to come together to celebrate festivals and how you and your cousins were given the charge of decorating the entire house? Well, from rangolis to flowers and from decor to food, we all used to put in a great deal of efforts. We used to decorate the house with bulbs and fairy lights to add that festive vibe to our place. All the fatigue just used to vanish when our homes shone bright in the night. With Magik Lights, you can relive your childhood as we are known to offer superior quality decorative LED lamps as well as LED striplights that can recreate the magic of childhood and give your home a modern appeal at the time of festivals. Our LED Strip Light is flexible, and hence easy to install, which allows you to get creative with their application to beautify any space.

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Peace and solitude:
After a long hard day, we all want to get some quality time for ourselves. We want to spend this time all by ourselves, without any interruption or disturbance. So what do we do? We just dim the lights down and enjoy a nice and calm session with ourselves. Speaking to the soul, the warmer colour temperature of lights create an aura that radiates peace and calmness, and help us to pick ourselves and brace up for the routine and monotony. We have an exclusive range of products that offers brilliant colour temperatures, ranging from warm (2700-3000 K) to colder colours (6000-6500 K) that can truly setup the ambience of your desired space as per your mood.

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Focus and attention:
Don’t we all have spent almost all of our growing up years at the study table? From the long study sessions at night during exams or the last minute homework, study table was where we used to sit as we were told that sitting upright helps us work more attentively. But more than that, we all can never forget the table lamp that helped us get through long study sessions, without straining our eyes. The light of the table lamp focuses on the notebooks that helps in improving the attention and also gives a confidence boost. Magik Lights offers superior LED lamps that can be installed to create a perfectly-illuminated environment for studying, without causing any strain to the eyes as our products are known to produce lesser heat and no harmful radiations

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Light impacts the way we function and can even affect our performance in day-to-day activities. Be it any facet of life, we give utmost importance to lighting and want perfectly lit spaces every time. But some of us who still don’t believe light to be an emotion, let us make you reconsider the importance of light. Check out our range of exclusive home lighting solutions here, and pick the best products that can accentuate your personality and see for yourself.

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