Street lighting solutions: Illuminate the way to lesser casualties

Every year, road accidents are a high cause of death in India. Many times, dim or dark circumstances play a major role in accidents. Street lighting can help prevent accidents, and also promote security in the areas. Proper lighting increases the quality of life, and the safety of drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

Lighting can improve road safety in areas with, foggy road sections, uneven roads, etc. Street lighting also reduces glare caused by vehicles. There are some important factors to keep in mind while installing street lights; the correct level of lighting, the lighting requirement of the street, environmental factors, and future lighting needs. Let us look at different types of street lights in different settings.

High-Performance Efficiency

The correct level of lighting for the street is defined by how much lighting is needed and how even the light on the street should be. For high-efficiency areas like highways, roads, and traffic-ridden streets, Blaze Street light by Magik Lighting is the recommended choice. Boasting an out-of-the-box smart innovation, Blaze Street light is robust in design with high-performance outputs. The key parameters important for streetlights should be catered to reduce the chances of casualties. This includes a high lumen of light that doesn’t dim down over time. Blaze streetlight comes with the highest lumen of 9000 for 75W. There are different lumen measures for the respective wattage of lights. The higher the lumen, the brighter the light.

Blaze streetlights do not have glass covers like traditional lights, they have IP lens plate which gives more light output as compared to lights with glass covers.

Environmental or outdoor factors test the durability and effectiveness of the lights. Blaze streetlights come with a pressure equalizer valve, useful for outdoor lights with automatic controls that protect the light from rain and heavy winds. High-performance efficiency by streetlights is important considering the functionality that helps reduce road accidents, and Blaze streetlights are specifically designed with high-grade aluminum alloy which makes them a wise choice for street lighting applications.

Premium finished streetlights

Streetlights for different areas cater to functionality and aesthetics as well. Orion streetlights by Magik Lighting give a premium decorative look with low glare control for visual comfort and eye safety for passers-by. The effectiveness of the light goes hand-in-hand with sleek design. Orion streetlight can be used for batwing light distribution to accommodate different types of roads and different lamp-post layouts. It is equipped with a pressure controller which is useful for outdoor lights, and additionally a top opening driver compartment which could be serviced easily. Orion streetlights come with glass that protects against dust and rain and gives a sleek premium look to the light.

Customized Streetlight

Optimus streetlight by Magik Lighting can be customized according to the application. Be it highways or industrial use, Orion streetlights can be customized accordingly. It is optimized for batwing light distribution to accommodate to different types of roads and complies to various international norms of safety and performance. The important perk which customization addresses is the light output, optics, and wattage of the light.

Another premium street light is Solis Plus Street Light which has pressure die-cast aluminum housing for rugged applications. This street light stands out as it has a long life and consistent performance in wet and dusty areas of application. Solis Plus by Magik Lighting also doesn’t contribute to light pollution.

Be it performance efficiency, premium decoration or customization, street luminaires should be manufactured from high-quality, durable, and tested materials. Magik Lighting manufactures streetlights that reduce street lighting maintenance costs, saves energy and improves safety for several operating environments.

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