Right Light in Office Spaces Can Increase Productivity

led office ceiling lights 

What does one consider when planning the interiors of an office? The furnishing, office layout, floor plans, etc. grab the bulk of attention. But, a less tangible-yet- significant element, i.e., lighting, is often neglected by most of the employers.

Office Lighting Keeps Employees Happy

Everyone knows that working in dim light can be detrimental to the eyes, but is there more to it? Several surveys have been conducted so far, which have revealed that more than half of the employees are usually dissatisfied with the lighting at their office. This dissatisfaction reflects in the reduced productivity and efficiency of the employees.

So, it is a well-established fact that adequate and proper lighting is a necessity, not only at home, but also at the workplace.

Here are few points to consider when aiming for a perfect lighting condition in the office.

1. Avoid too dim or too harsh light: Dim lighting strains the eyes, causes headaches and hampers the productivity of employees. Similarly, extremely harsh lighting, such as those provided by standard fluorescent light, can also affect the eyes, trigger migraine headaches and reduce the efficiency of employees. Moderation is the key and nothing can serve better than glare free diffused downlights such as Sheen and Aura Slim Plus by Magik LED.

Workplace Light Fixtures

2. Use overhead light fixtures: Some lights cast shadow, which not only ruins the ambience of a workplace, but also dwindles the work-efficiency of the employees. Using diffused lights and overhead light fixtures can help to overcome this challenge. One can go for Magik Infini Plus 2×2 to have a glare free and uniform illumination. Magik LED battens, including Ultra Line and Spectra Line, can also create a well-lit workplace, without casting shadows. However, remember that using too many overhead lights can also produce shadows.

3. Go for energy saving light: Wishing for an impeccable lighting condition in the workplace does not come at high price. Choose energy- efficient lights, which consume less energy and slash down your maintenance cost considerably. With Magik LED Helio Slim Ceiling Light, you can get the energy-saving feature at a budget-friendly price.

Office Reception Lighting

4. Light intensity varies with the task: A workplace has a dynamic ambience, with some sections dealing with documentation, while others concerned with computer screens. So, there is no one lighting that can illuminate the entire office appropriately. The employer should bear in mind that employees working on computer screens may require minimal light, while others may need a well-lit space to function efficiently. Magik Lights offers a wide range of lighting, for all kinds of work spaces. Be it a Magik LED Grande Lamp or LED Sparkle Downlight, your workplace can be perfectly lit for an optimal productivity. One can also go for Magik Stream Strip light to give not only a smooth lighting effect, but also to elegantly light up the boundaries of false ceilings.

To conclude, spending time, energy and money on lighting may seem too much to do, but it may reap you a substantial profit in the long run. So, focus on the bigger picture and add a well-balanced gleam to your workplace.

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