Offices are Transforming for Environment’s Sake – Going Green with LED Lighting

office led panel light 

Lighting forms an integral part of any decor, be it of your home or office. Isn’t it? But, the market of lighting has evolved with time, paving way to a plethora of options. Finding the ideal light for your house or your workplace may seem painstaking.

LED Office Lighting

So, what should one really look for while shopping for lights for their workplace particularly? Brightness, colour, shape, fitting, etc. are the factors one usually considers when buying lights. But, ever pondered over the environmental hazards these lights may cause? You may be taken aback by the fact that most lights bear a tendency to harm the surrounding environment.

This started with the commonly known and used Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), which marked their presence in early 1980s. But, an often-unexplored fact about CFLs is that they contain a chemical known as mercury, which is a well-known environmental offender. In order to tackle with this problem, LEDs came into the picture. However, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) hold a supreme place among these advancements as they not only impart better technological features but are also considered absolutely environment-friendly. So, it is undeniably true that LEDs have transformed the businesses drastically, making them go green.

Switch to LED Lamp

Let’s have a look as to how LEDs are helping the businesses to go green.

1. Absence of toxic chemicals: Unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs are completely devoid of noxious chemicals, like mercury. This not only makes LEDs environment-friendly, but also facilitate an easy and safe recycling process. So, if you want your lamps to reflect both aesthetics and eco-friendliness, go for the Maximo or Grande lights belonging to Magik LED Lamps range.

2. Minimal emission of radiation or heat: In contrast to other lights, LEDs do not emit Ultraviolet radiations (UV-rays), which turn out to be harmful for human body. Also, LEDs generate virtually no heat, eliminating the risk of burns or fires. This explains why these splendid lights are always cool to touch. Considering the fact that LEDs emit almost no radiation or heat, it’s best to replace your conventional tube lights with Helio Slim from the range of Magik LED panel lights.

Energy Efficient LED Bulbs

3. Energy efficiency: LEDs outshine other lights in terms of energy efficiency. They use up to 90% less energy than other light variants. So, if you want to dazzle up your place while cutting down your expenses, Celina ceiling light is your ideal choice for your office.

4. Durability: LEDs are not made of fragile material, like glass or filaments. Instead, these are manufactured using a sturdy material called epoxy resins, which can withstand vibration, high temperature and shock. So, even if the LED accidentally breaks, there won’t be any shred of glass to harm you or the surroundings. Be smart and enhance your ambience with Glitter LED Spot light

To sum up, LEDs offer a budget-friendly way to glorify the surrounding, while keeping the ecosystem safe. With Magik LED lights, preserve the integrity of our beloved environment. Go green!