Make Summertime, “No Struggle Time” by Ditching Traditional Heat Producers

led ceiling lights for homes

‘LED lights are taking over the market’ is an overused statement. You know it, and that is why you have started to own it. As 95% of LED’s energy is converted into bright light, just 5% of it goes waste in the form of heat. Which simply means that LED light is a boon in the disguise of trend, especially in summer season.

Yes! Because it emits less heat, it naturally becomes the first and foremost priority when it comes to grace your house, in place of traditional lighting like fluorescent and incandescent lights. But ‘what’s the ideal LED light to be installed in which place’ could be the next question on your list. So, let’s start analyzing-


Beautiful Bathroom Lighting

With summer, comes the torture of facing the steaming moisture in your bathroom. Even with adequate sized window and/or exhaust fan, the moment you enter the compact room, the attack of heat pushes you back to shut the door right away. But, you have the power to change this routine by replacing your bathroom lights with Magik lamp lights. If you want bright illumination, then Grande or Maximo bulbs are ready to cater your needs. You can likewise add more value to your bathroom space with mirror lighting like 1ft Spectra Line Batten. Choose from this wide range of LED lamps and batten under Home Solutions.


Living Area Lighting

Because you certainly don’t want to blind your guests with bright attack, so keep it light and warm. Go ahead with Magik LED ceiling lights or Downlights, like Celina, Helio Slim or Aura, Sheen, to name a few. But keep it in mind, not to flood the single area with access of light. Besides, you may also try Magik Dia lights in chandeliers and bring out the best of your living room. All of them avoids access of heat emission.


Bedroom Lighting

You enter this peaceful arena to relax. So, subtle and warm effects got to be your choice in this personal space. Go with the Magik lamp range that includes Liliput, Decor or Maximo. And keep in mind that the average CCT for a bedroom is 4000.

The eye-soothing light effect of each of these lights sets the whole room’s aura to composure and never bothers you with unwanted heat effect like regular lamp bulbs.


Home Outdoor Lighting

Because it’s summers, you have plenty of reasons to dine outdoor anytime, but it could be a nuisance when the temperature is already low and the outdoor lighting is not turning out to be an angel. Any of the outdoor Magik LED lights like Celina Ceiling Light could be your ideal partner. Choose the light that suits your outdoor area, best.

Transform your summer into a merrymaking season with the right light’s selection, with Magik LED lights’ selection!