Luxuriate Your Living Space: Tips To Transform Standard Interiors With LED Lighting


Interiors are often spaces of growth- be it your office or bedroom. Making sure that these living spaces remain productive and healthy, takes work. It must be your impetus to elevate the ambience of your interior through thoughtful lighting design. Thus, to bring out the best atmosphere, it is imperative that you understand the lighting requirements and set up the lights accordingly. Having cosy living and working spaces that reflect not just the mood of the room but also your personality is a growing trend now.

So, why should you be lagging behind and not implementing what others around you do?  Lighting is key because it has the power to create scenarios based on occasions and moods. Family dinners, parties, work, a quiet solitary evening, everything demands a separate lighting scenario. Thus, understanding lights, illuminations and ambient glow is paramount to feeling better and improving one’s own functionality.

In this article, we delve into the tips and ideas that will help you mix and match various lighting elements to create a multidimensional environment that breathes luxury and sophistication.

Inspiring Ideas To Elevate Your Interiors with LED Lights

Transforming the dynamic of your room can be done cost-effectively and in an energy-efficient way by using beautiful LED lights. Here are some tips on LED lighting to help you elevate the ambience for home and work interiors:

  • Deciding a focal point for your lights: If you are using many kinds of lights, then making sure that not all of them are of the same size is essential. Thus, there should be one LED light that acts as the focal point which you may fit in a chandelier depending on the interior space concerned, while other lights fulfill other purposes. Having a focal light is thus very important; it creates the base for other lights to function.
  • Layering Your Lighting: Similar to interior designing, layering lighting is crucial in adding dimension and depth to your space. This is why many people choose to combine ambient, task and accent lights to enhance the environment.
  • Understanding Colour Temperature: LED lights are available in various colour temperatures. While warmer temperatures are suitable for homely spaces, cool light tends to work better for work environments.
  • Highlight Special Features: Beams, columns, photo frames, specially designed walls, there are plenty of areas that one wishes to strategically highlight. Recessed LED fixtures are excellent in serving that purpose, thereby drawing attention to your favourite areas.
  • Don’t Choose Corners: LED lighting in corners is a severe advantage. It prevents you from creating a well-lit atmosphere.
  • Consider Ceiling Height: If the ceilings are high, then you will need higher-power LED lights. With high ceilings, low lights cannot function; they reduce the illumination in the room.
  • Consider The Purpose of The Interior Space: For drawing rooms, ambient lights are more suitable, while for the kitchen, wide-angle lights are better. Bedrooms, on the other hand, need soft and specific LED lighting to highlight photo frames and reduce eye strain during sleep.

Indoor Commercial and Home LED Lighting Solutions Offered By Magik

Searching for consumer-friendly applications to light up different indoor spaces as per your specifications? Magik LED brings to you lighting solutions with low leat emissions, great light colour and sleek designs. Our home lights accommodate every space including the washroom, dressing room, kitchen, drawing room, staircases, living room, bedroom and balcony, making sure that every interior you inhabit is habitable, safe and most importantly attractive enough for you to feel comfortable in.

Know the home solutions we offer: LED lamps, LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED spotlights, LED tube lights, LED Battens, LED Downlights and LED Strip Lights.

Our LED Lamps are subcategorised into Savio, Liliput, T-Lite, DIA, Maximo Plus, and Deco Plus.  Savio has a power backup level of 4 hours and even works in emergency power cut situations at a lumen lower than 40-50%. This solution always has your back even during power outages. Liliput is India’s smallest low-watt light (0.9W) with 95% energy saving. T-Lite is capable of transforming your living space with a bright yet soothing glow. Coming with a warranty of 2 years, its T-shaped body can move in 4 directions. Magik LED Lamps and Night Lamps are bigger and bolder applications that successfully light up larger areas with the correct colour accuracy. Our high-wattage downlight range offers both warm white and cool white colour temperatures. Our Spectrum LED lamp emanates bright light and yet is one of the most energy-efficient lamps you will come across.

Our LED Ceiling Lights Atlas and Brighto Slim are designed with sophistication and efficiency in mind. Equipped with high-quality diffusers and a CRI of less than 70, Atlas and Brighto Slim ensure the real creation of the colours of objects.

Our LED Panel lights divided into Regalia, Delta, Atlas and Helio Slim are innovative and affordable mood lighting solutions that supply high versatility, high control and high efficiency. Giving you the option to seamlessly switch between 3 modes-work, play, and relax, these LED products are colour-changing panel lights with high lumen output.

Our LED Spotlights divided into Kolor, Glitter, Beamer, Shine Wall Spot and Novus are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Available in 5 colours- blue, green, red, warm and cool, these high-lumen lights are geared to provide you with more than 25,000 hours of the high-functioning spotlight.

We have tube lights (Prism Pro and Prism Line), Battens (Ultima Line, Ultima Tiranga, Prism Line, Ultra Line, Spectra Line, Maximo Prime) Downlights (Sheen, Auro Slim, Azure, Magna LED Panel, Delta Slim Panel, Brighto, Aura Slim Plus RD & SQ, Jade and Duolite) that enhance your unique decor with a gleaming, high lumen output, well-lit ambience.

Magik: Bringing Your Vision To Life

Irrespective of whether it is a cosy reading space or an exuberant entertaining area or a calm bedroom environment, Magik has established itself as the industry torchbearer in LED lighting solutions that cater to your unique preferences and needs.  Going beyond mere illumination, we transform the way you perceive and interact in an interior space. Steadfast in our commitment to quality, eco-friendliness and innovation, Magik is your reliable companion in pushing your vision forward towards fulfillment. Grounded in our aim to revamp spaces, our radical range of solutions continues to help bring your dreams of inhabiting a productive and desirable environment to life.