Lighting a home workspace setup

Lighting a home workspace setup

The Covid pandemic has kept all of us tied up with chairs and desks at our homes and we aren’t allowed to work in our actual workspaces. The situation is somewhat similar to fastening your seat belts on an airplane to ensure safety in any unforeseen turbulence. Well, the mandatory work from home has become a new normal but it has also proved to be a challenge for many. Technology hiccups, work life balance, distractions, flow of communication are few of the problems that the working class has been dealing with lately. But, one can even face major issues related to productivity. Our offices are usually ambiently well lit which keeps our pace of productivity high. But, that isn’t the case when we’re working from home. Hence, poor lighting can sparge your morale, reduce your energy, cause migraines, eyestrains and unwanted headaches. Here are some tips to light your home workspace and make it more happening.

Lighting a home workspace setup
Natural Light helps

A dark office can just be too heart-rending. Thus, scrutinize your home properly once and find an ideal spot where you get access to sufficient natural light. Natural light can be really soothing and can help you concentrate more on your tasks, bringing out more efficiency. Just keep one thing in mind, avoid direct sunlight glaring on your laptop or desktop screens. Try to maximise your view, but remember to avoid distractions.

A focus lamp maybe!

For focus-intuitive tasks, a desk lamp is the best you could buy. They are generally adjustable  so you can tweak its height and support a lot of tasks like computer work, reading, writing or filing. But on the other hand, excessive usage might even lead to migraine. So, beware of that. Use it wisely.

How about a magical solution?

We have another amazing yet magical solution to illuminate your home workspace. Magik Lights are ergonomically designed to suit your home lighting and gives an overall aesthetic appeal to the house. Some of the options that you might want to consider for workspace illumination with Magik lights are:

  • Magik Maximo Prime: Maximo Prime  LED batten is perhaps one of the best solutions to light your rooms. It enables spot free illumination which gives no strains to eyes. It is an ideal choice for reading, studying, and working from home. It is precisely crafted with a fire resistant polycarbonate body and comes in a square and trendy design. This 24W batten is the brightest T5 batten available in the market right now.  
Lighting a home workspace setup
  • Magik Power Jack: If your home faces long and frequent power outages, your laptop might withstand for sometime due to battery backup but what about the lighting? Well, Magik Power Jack LED emergency lamp even lights up during a power cut. This energy efficient LED can deliver a power backup of upto 4 hours and is a good option for lighting your workspace.
Lighting a home workspace setup

With this, we sum up our tips and hacks to make your home workspace lighting better. We hope you make the most of it and deliver your work with efficiency. In addition to this, get a desk plant to match it with the lighting of your choice. It keeps the vibe high. To know more about lighting solutions for home, retail, office or outdoor visit

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