Lighting 101: Solutions Should Suit Your Mood and Space

Lighting is important for every space, every room and can make or break the mood of a room. The lighting of a room changes how one perceives the space. Placement, type, and aesthetics are elements that transform a room and one’s mood. Every space has different lighting requirements, aesthetics, infrastructure, and ambiance.

As per an article in ArchDaily, which explains the effect of light on our mood, the light we are exposed to changes chemical responses that alter our mood. The circadian rhythm also known as the body clock handles how our mood modulates with lighting. Let us understand how this plays a role in deciding the lighting model of any space.

How does brightness and colour play a role?  

Brighter lights are said to give a mood boost, whereas poor lighting adversely affects not just your mood but in turn your productivity. Besides the brightness of lights, the colour of the environment or the light itself shifts and changes our mood. Warm lights in yellow tones help us relax, and feel more welcoming. The yellow tones also correspond to dusk and dawn, a time to relax generally. Similarly, cooler tones of light, particularly around blue tones, stimulate us and make us more alert, focused, and productive. Cooler tones of blue lights are seen in offices and industries where high concentration and productivity is pivotal.

What should be kept in mind?

Three key principles should be considered when we implement lighting solutions, i.e, ambiance, task, and aesthetics. The ambiance we prefer for that space, the tasks and activities which will take place in the room, and the placement aesthetic to highlight a specific area.

How should we go about it?

Although it’s impossible to control or change the lighting of all the environments and spaces we visit- we can be aware of the impact lighting has on our mood and revisit the choices we make. Additionally, using Magik C’nnect in our spaces, we can control the temperature of the lights as per our mood. We can be aware of the impact lighting has on our mood and revisit the choices we make.

Let us look at office spaces and homes, the two places where we spend most of our time.

Lighting Solutions for Home

We have to consider the activities, events, or tasks that are completed in the space, to explore and find the right lighting solution. The lifestyle, age, and preference of those who reside with you are also important. Every room in the house is associated with different tasks and activities and hence requires different lighting.

In the living rooms, drawing rooms and kitchen we can utilize the ceiling and the corners. Using Magik’s home lighting solutions like ceiling lights, lamps, down lights, strip lights and even panel lights will light up the living room, drawing room, and kitchen. Magik LED Panel lights stray away from the conventional light sources; like tube lights and halogen bulbs. Since the home is a place to relax and enjoy time with our loved ones, warm, dim lighting adds to the warmth and is a definite point to keep in mind while deciding the lighting plan.

Lighting Solutions for Office

When we talk about office lighting solutions, cooler tones and blue lights make us more productive, focused, and alert. It is believed that blue light reduces the sleep-related hormone melatonin, making us feel more awake. Except for lounging areas of your office dedicated to some unwinding time like break-rooms, it is best to have task lighting for optimum concentration on workstations, coupled with ambient lighting like ceiling lights and panel lights for a holistic lighting experience.

If it’s hard to focus on a specific task, the right lights can help you stay focused and in a better mood. Task lighting is used to focus on a specific task, for which bright, direct light is needed. For all-day-focus lighting, we can use a desk, wall, ceiling, or floor lamp to shed light on the work. The environment of the office should enhance our creative capabilities and increase production by keeping our mood light and focused.

Office spaces should not have improper lighting solutions as it could cause tiredness, fatigue, strain on the eyes, migraine, etc. Lighting does help and affect one’s performance, therefore should be positioned well, and with well-adjusted brightness.

Why do we choose different lights for different spaces?

Every space has its requirement for a certain type of light, catering to the activity you plan, the ambiance of the room and the decorative elements, and inevitably affecting one’s mood. Although we cannot control every light, natural or artificial in the environment, we can learn and incorporate lighting solutions that boost our mood and mind in both the short term and long term.

When you choose Magik LED lights, you choose the latest innovation in lighting technology that is not only stylish but also energy efficient. Magik provides the best of quality, style, and variety without a dent in savings, as one Magik LED light can last up to 25,000 hours. Time to implement the lighting solutions that make your room and mood shine with happiness!

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