Light Up Your House with LED Panel Lights

Homeowners nowadays are increasingly becoming more aware of the benefits of LED lighting solutions for their residential use. Most homeowners switch to LED lights for two main reasons; energy-efficiency and long life. LED lights for home decoration add an interesting element to the décor of a room.

In interior designing, the manner in which LED lights have been installed in a house can completely transform the look and feel of the space. Decorative LED lights are available in a wide variety of colours, and can be paired with Wi-Fi and other home automation devices. While installing LED lights in homes, you should ensure that the design complements the style throughout the house. 

LED lights have several benefits:

Energy efficient

LED lights convert more energy to heat as compared to traditional lighting solutions and therefore are more efficient. 


LED lights have a reputation of being more expensive than conventional lights but its cost can be justified by its long life and efficient performance. 

No Flickering 

LED bulbs turn on instantly. Unlike fluorescent lights, especially tube lights, LED lighting solutions do not take time to light up when switched on.

UV emissions

These lights do not have harmful emissions which makes them an excellent solution for spaces that are sensitive to heat.

LED Panel Lights

What makes LED Panel Lights the preferred solution for homeowners? 

In the last few decades, LED Panel lights for homes have been replacing traditional lights as primary light sources in residential as well as commercial spaces. LED panel lights are highly decorative and soothing to our eyes. Your home is where you spend time doing what you want to do. LED panel lighting fixtures are made to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. LED Panel lights can uplift the ambience of your house and give a makeover to your interior. 

LED lighting solutions accentuate your home and increase the morale of your work space by amping up the work decor. LED panel lights are known to deliver a smooth and flawless illumination. LED Panel lights are designed for commercial as well as residential purposes. These lights require less space because of their slim profile and straight edge. You can also customise your space according to your personal taste and preferences.

Proper lighting plays a vital role in creating a visually balanced and comfortable atmosphere in your home. For students and working professionals, it is necessary to choose a light that offers enough brightness to minimise eye stress, and with LED panel lights, these people can create the perfect lighting atmosphere as per their liking.  

Applications of LED Panel Light

LED Panel lights have a wide range of applications. These lights can be coupled with customizability makes LED panels the best option and they also offer hassle-free installation.

• Warehouses

• Residential buildings

LED Panel Lights for Residentails

• Corporate office spaces 

• Hospitals

LED Panel Light Application

• Garages

• Commercial spaces

LED Panel Lights for Commercial Spaces

• Restaurants

• Supermarkets

You can choose from a manifold of LED panel light specifications ranging from rated power, emitting colour, light output in lumens, shape, brand, etc.

Magik manufactures and delivers high-quality LED lighting solutions that are perfect for every corner of your house. With in-house manufacturing and monitoring units, they deliver long-term lighting solutions. They also empower and support green technology. LED has very well established itself as a dependable source of light energy for the future. With controlled and directional illumination, LEDs are well suited to light up your space effectively without visual or placement difficulty.

Magik LED Panel lights are available in a wide index of colours and tones, from warm, cool, and natural tones to illuminate your space. You can choose from different types of round and square LED panel lights for household purposes.