LED tubes to replace fluorescent lamp

There has been a high consumer demand for quality replacement products for LED, which brought about a lot of industry changes, starting with the introduction of the proper light output and safety standards. Much of the development stems from facility and building managers that are looking for ways to replace fluorescent tubes that are problematic with a longer life solution.

When you replace your existing fluorescent lamps with LED tubes, you need to act on two points. Firstly, remove the conventional tube and put in an LED tube. Secondly, need to remove the starter & ballast and rewire it as direct connection. 

Magik LED Tube Lights

Tube Colour Temperature

Whenever you are installing or replacing your ceiling or wall lighting, it is important that you know about colour temperature as it influences our mood. In warm light we feel calm and relaxed, while under white light we feel energised.

Colour temperature is rated on a scale called Kelvin Scale (K) and correlated Colour Temperature usually ranges from 2700k to 6500k. 2700K- depicts Warm White, 4000K  depicts: Neutral White, 6500K depicts: Cool White.

LED replacement tubes

There is more of a need for development to work on phasing out the T12 ballast technology, which has brought many people to look for solutions allowing for reuse of any existing fixtures without having to go through a costly conversion to a different technology. Replacement tubes for LED light options not only lacked any great light output, but the safety certifications were fairly non-existent. A lack of quality brought about early replacement solutions that unfortunately gave early buyers a poor impression of the technology for LED lights replacement options.

LED Tube Light fixtures are often mounted onto ceilings/walls and connected directly to the mains. They are relatively expensive and can be replaced hassle free.

As a result, it often makes the most economical sense to simply use the same fluorescent fixture, but replace the fluorescent tube with an LED tube light.

Fluorescent tube lights use a technology called a ballast to regulate the lamp’s output. This is called Discharge technology. Ballasts are necessary for fluorescent lamps, and differ from incandescent lamps which can be connected directly to mains electrical circuits.

Advantages of LED tubes over fluorescent lights

The three primary advantages are:

  • Higher efficiency, energy savings (up to 30-50%)
  • Longer life (typically > 30k hours)
  • No mercury

In recent years, LED tube lights have come down in price to a level that competes with fluorescent lamps, so the purchase price of the lamps makes LED tube lights a very appealing option. Also, consider the warranty terms of the manufacturer. Ideally, the payback period should be shorter than the warranty.